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  • Facebook Announces a New Structure for Global Brands

    Social media has indeed grown up. As marketers realize the return on their domestic social media investment, the desire to replicate the benefits worldwide has become a business imperative. However, social at scale continues to face many complex challenges. The brand that succeeds in building a global community is the brand that looks past the point of […]


  • What a Girl Wants: Facebook’s New Actions

    On Monday, Facebook quietly debuted its new ‘Collections’ feature with seven initial retail partners which included Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, and Michael Kors. Through Facebook Collections, users can interact with a brand’s products beyond the ‘like,’ by ‘wanting’ and ‘collecting’ photos of items, which get added to a special ‘products’ section of their timelime. Collection […]


  • Justin Timberlake: Read This Before You Re-Launch MySpace!

    Saying ‘bye bye bye’ to the Old MySpace Dear Justin, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote you a letter. You may recall last hearing from me in the summer of 1994, when I proclaimed that you and Ryan Gosling were my favorite cast members on the new Mickey Mouse Club (that’s […]


  • Web Buzzes Over Twitter’s New Look; Hardly Notices Klout’s Major Update

    For most of us, it was a morning like any other morning: drop the attaché case, grab a cup of joe, settle into the executive chair, switch on the Macbook. Yet, this morning, something felt different. Something had changed. Those of us who automatically navigate to our social profiles first thing in the morning already knew […]


  • How Social Is the Advertising Industry?

    Every day, an agency uploads a presentation to Slideshare, or releases a gated whitepaper, or blogs and tweets about social media best practices. But is it all talk? To find the answer, one needn’t look much further than some of the biggest awards in the industry. Sure, many of them have added social media categories, […]


  • Billy Beane, Baseball, and the Big Data Debate

    The real Billy Beane and Brad Pitt, who played him in 2011’s Moneyball I was the highest-rated amateur player in 1980, alongside Daryl Strawberry because I looked like a baseball player. They rated me based on all the things that got me elected homecoming king but didn’t yield returns on the baseball fields. So began […]


  • Just Salad and the Legend of the #BlackBowl – Small Biz Social Done Right

    Just Salad took the theory of the "loyalty" program and turned out one of the best small business social media campaigns of the year. Here's how they did it.


  • Spending Bad Money On Top of Good

    Have you seen the latest sports YouTube sensation, NBA Rookie of the Year (ROY) and Cleveland Cavalier point guard, @KyrieIrving as his alter ego, “Uncle Drew”?  Pepsi Max published a YouTube campaign with the tagline, “A Zero Calorie Cola In Disguise” on May 18, 2012 – two days after Kyrie won the ROY award.  The […]


  • Dropping out of the Race – A Special Statement on Foursquare Mayorship

    This afternoon, I'm here to make a superbly difficult announcement: I will not be running for re-election for any of my recently squandered FourSquare mayorships.


  • Facebook is not going to eat your children.

    It has been rumored that Facebook is going to allow children under the age of 13 to become legal members of the social media site. It is estimated that there are already 7.5 million underage current users of the service. Approximately 1% of all Facebook users. There are groups out there like the Consumers Union, […]


  • Bullying on Facebook

    People like to pick on the big guys: Yankees, Lakers, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, LeBron James…and Facebook. We like to poke holes at these goliaths and claim their demise and death. We want to see them stuck in the mud and flailing. But then we like to see a good comeback and say we always knew they could do […]