Holly Pavlika

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Holly Pavlika is one of few women to have her name on the door of an advertising agency- and she did it twice. She also lends her award-winning creative and leadership skills to teaching classes, writing white papers, donating hours to pro bono efforts and participating in several organizations that give back to the industry.

Fox Pavlika was Holly’s first namesake agency. A shop that focused on strategic and creative solutions, Fox Pavlika specialized in integrated “branded” response long before the terms were coined. Holly went on to win shelves of awards with the agency, across brands like Berger Mutual Funds, U.S. Trust, Avon, Affinia Hotels, Cunard, the Boca Raton Resort and Club, MasterCard and the Telluride Film Festival. After 11 years of success, Fox Pavlika was acquired by Lowe and Partners.

A perpetual striver, Holly went on to found yet another agency– Margeotes Pavlika Direct. In order to gain critical mass a year after inception, she acquired Chinnici Direct, whose accounts boasted Chase Manhattan Bank, SunCom, Barnes and Noble and Bloomberg.

Prior to joining Big Fuel, Holly worked with G2 Direct & Digital. She helped transform the agency from a direct mail/letter shop to a fully integrated and highly digital agency. Her leadership skills helped grow the agency culture and her motivation energized the environment. Holly’s drive for success, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, led to the building of G2’s pharmaceutical practice (the fastest growing division of the agency) and ultimate restructuring into a vertical go-to-market strategy.

Holly’s awards continued to decorate shelves along the way - including awards from Echo New York Festivals, ADDY, ANDY and Caples Awards, and the 2007 DMCNY Silver Apple Award for contributions to the industry. A demonstrated leader, Holly has served on the board of the Caples for almost seven years, and last year received the Wunderman Award for a lifetime of creativity. Holly is currently the Chair of the first ever DMA Creative Council and has been on the Board of the Echo committee for the past three years. Holly has also taught direct marketing at the DMEF and the 4As, and she has contributed pro bono efforts for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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