Mike McGraw

Website: http://www.bigfuel.com

Contact: mikem@bigfuel.com


Mike McGraw has been at the forefront of emerging content development for most of his career.

Mike currently oversees content distribution and operations for Big Fuel, a digital consumer engagement agency based in New York. At Big Fuel Mike uses his experience with broadcast, online and mobile platforms to develop effective strategies for clients like Colgate/Palmolive, Stetson, Johnston and Johnston, Yahoo, AOL, Fox, SBS, Alcon, Fisher Price, Unilever and MTV.

Before joining Big Fuel, Mike founded Link Media Management, a digital content strategy firm in Los Angeles that produced HD content for pay TV and maintained an innovative consulting practice in the entertainment sector. During this time Mike also completed a year long digital transformation project for Australian broadcaster SBS.

Before Link, Mike worked in Sydney heading up broadband content development for Telstra’s Broadband Service. In this role, Mike oversaw launches of several on-line services, including Australia’s first large-scale music download site, two national sports channels and the largest online games portal in the Pacific Rim.

Prior to Telstra, Mike served as Managing Director for Massive Interactive in Sydney where he built a development team that engineered groundbreaking iTV and broadband service roll-outs for Austar, Foxtel, Telstra and Sky New Zealand.

Mike also gained considerable experience in pay television as VP of production and programming for Gaylord Cable Networks where he launched Country Music Television (CMT) into several markets around the globe. Mike also owned and operated Moving Story Pictures, an independent broadcast production company offering programming consulting, production, branding and other creative services to the pay TV industry. Some of Moving Story Pictures’ clients included: CBS Cable, A&E, Sony Music, Greystone Entertainment, Automatic Pictures, Country Music Television (CMT) and The Nashville Network (TNN).

Author Posts (8)


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    I’ve been to three ad industry/media conferences in the last three weeks and there’s one issue that remains center stage as the social tsunami continues to wash over the digital media landscape.  That issue is of course, “What is the real value of social media and how do we measure it.  Most decision makers intuitively […]


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    Tom Gerace’s recent post in imedia connection, attempts to measure the true brand value of a social campaign.  What I found interesting about it was that here you have one of the  leading social platforms, Gather, with access to best analytics tools in the space, choosing to use predominately traditional sampling and focus testing techniques. […]


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