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  • New Social Network Leverages Competition and Comparison

    It seems like every year a new social platform or app takes the country by storm. Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine all made big splashes with rapid growth, and now a newcomer is hoping to replicate their success.


  • What Facebook’s Stock Soar Means for Twitter

    Facebook’s share price skyrocketed late last month from $26 to $33 overnight, followed by steady and impressive growth throughout the next week. On Wednesday, it hit its original IPO price of $38 a share, causing everyone who bought last October at $18 to do a collective backflip and day one investors to finally stop crying. […]


  • How Veronica Mars changed the relationship fans have with Hollywood

    When Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell’s people reached out to Big Fuel to help with the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project, none of us could have anticipated the consumer response. Sure, we were excited and optimistic to work with the writer (Rob) and star (Kristen) of the once-popular show, but keep in mind that no film […]


  • Facebook’s Graph Search: Should Google be Worried?

    On Tuesday, Facebook announced Graph Search, an upcoming feature enabling users to sort through anything shared on the site. The move is a direct action against one of their most criticized components, as their search had previously been inaccurate in some instances and completely useless in others. Now, users will be able to search through […]


  • Facebook Needs to Divide to Conquer (Mobile)

    Facebook seems to have started its holiday shopping with rumors that global messaging app Whatsapp is next on its list of companies to buy. As we all wait to see how much Facebook overpaid, we’re reminded of the Instagram fiasco, and everyone’s getting all amped up about what this means for Facebook mobile. Let’s get […]


  • Future of Social Crisis Response

    When hurricane Sandy hit the east coast last month, millions of people had to sit in literal and figurative darkness as the water raised high enough to displace cars and destroy homes. For those who faced the worst circumstances, reaching local emergency response was almost impossible because of the volume of calls. As we continue […]


  • Brands Can Be Mean

    Remember back when it was taboo to mention your competitors in your advertising? 10 years ago you told people why they should buy your product, not why they shouldn’t buy another. Back when Bounty kicked the snot out of “the competitor brand” in those absorbency tests, your mind had to make some leaps to place […]


  • Why I’ll Buy a Newcastle

    I enjoy beer. I’m certainly no connoisseur (nor could I spell that word without the help of my friends, Red Squiggly and Right Click), but I’m glad to pay a couple extra bucks for the good stuff. That makes me a prime target for premium beer brands, and none do it better than Newcastle. Their […]


  • Cool is cool.

    Apple has over 7MM Facebook fans without posting anything. Chanel is approaching 900K Twitter followers while barely saying a word. Why do some brands have a cult following? Why does it seem like everything Nike or Google does instantly becomes the day’s hot topic? Why do some brands have to spend millions in time and […]


  • #Subtlety

    Twitter charges roughly a bagillion dollars for a sponsored trend, so it makes sense that so many brands try to promote hashtags through other broadcast spots or Facebook campaigns. What doesn’t make sense is the content they’re often promoting – I feel like most companies should stop and ask themselves “would anyone ever actually tweet […]


  • Why do you care if they Like you?

    Social engagements are becoming more diverse by the second. Today I tweeted about a pin of a shared image; feel free to comment on that.  As the powers that be create new terms for social media execs to ponder, try to measure and eventually argue over, one will always be the Granddaddy of them all: […]