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  • Pinterest Introduces Web Analytics for Brands

    This week, Pinterest released very exciting news: the launch of web analytics for brands and bloggers, allowing them to track popular content. The best part, the tool is free and available immediately. What it tracks: Number of people that have pinned content from their website Number of people who have visited their website from Pinterest […]


  • Top 3 Takeaways from Facebook’s News Feed Announcement

    Here at Big Fuel, there’s nothing that generates quite as much excitement as a new Facebook announcement. So, at 1PM EST, we gathered with anticipation to learn more about the platform we love. And because we knew you may not have been able to tune in, we took a few notes. 1.) You Choose What […]


  • Instagram Moves Beyond Mobile

    @mycookingdiary’s Instagram profile Instagram took to their blog to announce that they will be rolling out a new feature that displays user profiles on the web. That’s right, IGers will now be able to view, share and engage with Instagram in a beautiful and interactive new way. A mix between Facebook and Pinterest profiles, the […]