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Aside from the four years spent at Penn State University, @RossSheingold has been a New Yorker living in Manhattan for the whole of his nearly 30 years on the planet. As Brand Channel Manager at Big Fuel, Ross focuses on trying to keep the social in social media by creating lifestyle content that consumers actually care about.

When he isn't staying up to date on the current digital and social media trends and "geeking out" on the latest tech gadget, he spends time on his fan advocacy cause as the man behind @StadiumInsider.

It seems obligatory to mention that the views expressed here are his own. Remember, always "think before you post" and represent yourself in social media the same way you would when meeting someone in real life!

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  • Foursquare As a Local Discovery Engine – The Game-Changer I’ve Been Waiting For

    “Soon success and failure in the mobile app world will depend on developers building a user experience that is simple and intuitive – something that will use an advanced technology to make a process more efficient. A natural extension of our brains.” Yes, I’m starting out a blog post with something I wrote a few […]


  • Beyond The Like: Microsoft and Bazaar Voice Introduce “People Powered Stories”

    During a Social Media Week 2012 panel at JWT on Tuesday, Jennifer Creegan, General Manager, Brand Advertising Business for Microsoft Advertising and Brant Barton Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer for Bazaar Voice announced an ad platform partnership dubbed “People Powered Stories.” Recent research by Microsoft’s Bing shows that consumers trust sources outside of social networks when making purchasing decisions […]


  • #SM in 2012: Avoiding The Pitfalls While Pushing Forward In A Brave New World

    Social Media Week 2012 NYC started strong on Monday morning with a keynote by David Eastman, CEO of JWT America and a thought-proving presentation by Ann Mack, JWT Director of Trendspotting. Both Eastman and Mack touched on the fundamental shift in the ways consumers are connecting with brands, while providing marketers with ways to prepare […]


  • Mobile Digital Technologies As Extensions Of Our Brains – The Good & The Bad

    This is the story of a dilemma that fellow, city-dwelling digital natives MIGHT be able to relate to. I was flying solo in a neighborhood of New York City that I don’t typically spend much time in, and I needed to find a good place to grab a late afternoon lunch. It was past the typical […]


  • Google Search, Plus Your World…Yawn

    Since the announcement of Google Search, Plus Your World, the interwebs has exploded with opinions of the search giant’s new functionality that puts Google+ content front and center. Without even touching on the legality of this change, let’s make something clear – this doesn’t really matter until more people adopt Google+ as their every day social networking […]


  • Memolane, Importance Of Digital Archives, & The Digital Age Privacy Paradigm

    Think about all of the digital content you create every day and share across various social media services.  Now think about how often you actually stop and reflect on all of the information about your life that is scattered around the interwebs. You don’t do that very often, do you? Wouldn’t it be great if […]