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Stuart Schwartzpafel is a Senior Strategist at Big Fuel Communications and is currently working on General Motor's social media strategy across brands. He has worked on several automotive brands in a strategic planning capacity and is a regular contributor to enthusiast and lifestyle publications like AutoWeek,, Nylon Guys, BusinessWeek Online and Intersection. In case you couldn't tell, Stu kinda likes cars

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  • Mitsubishi Wows Gen Y with Autonomous Test Drives

    Mitsubishi intends to wow America’s car-buying youth with their launch efforts for the 2011 Outlander Sport, a small sporty crossover that just hit dealerships for less than $20k. The wow factor…the ability to autonomously test drive the car from your living room sofa.


  • Subaru Fights Mediocrity with a Little Web Trickery

    The idea of distinctive design or bold driving character is certainly nothing new.  Automakers, amongst other manufacturers, have been using the highly subjective marketing “why buys” to distinguish their products for the better part of well…forever.  A little less dated though, the concept of standing out by way of bland surroundings.  Enter Subaru’s latest and […]


  • Fortune’s “40 Under 40” – Brought to you by Buick

    Fortune Magazine, American Airlines and Buick joined forces on Wednesday night at Skylight West to pay tribute to 40 Under 40, Fortune’s hand-crafted list of the hottest young business leaders on the planet. The annual listing of movers and shakers made the cover of Fortune’s October issue and includes big names like Mark Zuckerberg, Biz […]