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  • Facebook Brand Pages on Mobile Get a Facelift

      Remember those days when everything on the Internet was optimized for the desktop experience? Dot coms were the kings leading the charge in captivating internet users and driving commerce. Gone are those days now. On Tuesday, Facebook announced the rollout of its new revamped, fully mobile optimized  brand pages, starting with mobile web and […]


  • Welcome Home Facebook

    Yesterday, Facebook announced the long awaited Facebook Home experience. As always with any social media announcement, our team was all ears, streaming the event on every computer in sight, live tweeting from every Twitter handle and providing some entertaining and insightful commentary. So, we thought we would share what we’ve learned so far:


  • Klout Scores, Facebook Politics and the rest of This Week in Social Media

    The past week brought a fresh batch of channel developments. Under any other context, this would be considered a busy week, but in our realm, this is as boring as it gets, which is not boring at all as far as we’re concerned. As if there is ever a dull moment in social media! Did […]


  • Missed Opportunities: Poland Spring & The State of the Union

    True to the millennial that I am, my favorite hobby in recent years has been live-tweeting big live telecast events. That said, I would like to touch on how brands are or should be tuning into these events, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, to identify new marketing opportunities using the “second screen.” On Tuesday night, […]


  • Is Your Brand Page Optimized for Graph Search?

    Since its launch on January 15th, Graph Search has been heralded as Facebook’s game-changing third pillar redefining the role of search on the digital landscape. As is the case with any major announcement in the social space, our Brand Channel Management team was sent into a scramble, testing, analyzing and optimizing in order to determine […]