New Social Network Leverages Competition and Comparison


It seems like every year a new social platform or app takes the country by storm. Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine all made big splashes with rapid growth, and now a newcomer is hoping to replicate their success.

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Pivot Conference ’13 – Snackable Take Home Lessons

Missed out on Pivot Conference ’13? Catch up on the highlights below:


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Content to Commerce: [Exclusive Webinar]

Content to Commerce

Traditional marketing has been turned upside with the development of social media. Standard practices today are anything but standard. How can you ensure your brand stays relevant in a constantly changing digital world? Big Fuel Founder and CEO Avi Savar recently partnered with Sam Decker, CEO and Co-Founder of Austin social experience platform Mass Relevance, to create a webinar to help you do just that.
Focusing on his recently released book, Content to Commerce, Avi discusses his…

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What Facebook’s Stock Soar Means for Twitter


Facebook’s share price skyrocketed late last month from $26 to $33 overnight, followed by steady and impressive growth throughout the next week. On Wednesday, it hit its original IPO price of $38 a share, causing everyone who bought last October at $18 to do a collective backflip and day one investors to finally stop crying. The surge was powered by a strong earnings report that showed an uptick in mobile user growth and ad revenue that was prolonged by speculation of new ad products being released. Let this serve as a lesson to all social networks: mobile usage, plus diversity of ad products and revenue streams, equals public trading success.

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Facebook Officially Activates The Searchable Hashtag


Last week, Facebook announced that it would officially activate hashtags, which have typically been associated with Twitter, on their social networking site.

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New App Tracks the Journey of your Messages Through the Twitterverse


Have you ever thought about your Tweet’s journey through the Twitterverse, through the hands of your followers and complete strangers across the web? Have you ever been curious where and how far your tweets move through cyberspace? “Where Does My Tweet Go?” is a new Twitter analytics tool that traces the viral spread of a Tweet from person to person to person, and could change the way we analyze and track the impact of Twitter messaging.

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IBM Research Center Explores Deep Psychological Profiling on Twitter


Researchers at IBM’s Almaden Research Center are looking to create “deep psychological profiles” of potential customers to better understand their values and needs. Dr. Eben Haber and his team are building off previous research by Tal Yarkoni that matched bloggers’ posts to the 5 modern dimensions of personality: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience. Understanding these personality traits and how they relate to consumerism is critical for companies and brands because it can predict purchase: “Extroverts are more likely to respond to an advertisement for a mobile phone that promises excitement than one that promises convenience or security. They also prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi and Maybelline cosmetics to Max Factor. Agreeable people though, tend to prefer Pepsi…”

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Google+ Gets A New Look and 41 New Features


Yesterday at the Google I/O conference, Google launched a redesign of its social networking platform, Google+. The redesign has a new look and feel with a multi-column layout that echoes that of Pinterest. In addition to the design, there are 41 new features, among which a couple stand out as particularly innovative:

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Wolfram Alpha Study on Facebook Friends & Relationships


Image Courtesy of Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha (the computational knowledge engine) recently published an interesting study on demos, interests and behavior of Facebook users, particularly around friendship and relationship patterns.

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Facebook Brand Pages on Mobile Get a Facelift

Facebook Mobile Brand Page


Remember those days when everything on the Internet was optimized for the desktop experience? Dot coms were the kings leading the charge in captivating internet users and driving commerce. Gone are those days now. On Tuesday, Facebook announced the rollout of its new revamped, fully mobile optimized  brand pages, starting with mobile web and iOS with the updates on Android devices coming soon.

Since its inception, Facebook has been playing catch-up in the mobile space,…

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Is a Facebook Video Ad Worth Seven Figures?


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. However, whether or not words and dollars have a one-to-one ratio is a different story altogether.

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