Top 5 Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media

Social media is a consumer’s closest connection to a brand. There are many companies out there doing it right. For those who are still developing their strategy and building resources – and for those who want a refresher –  here’s a look at the top 5 mistakes brands make.

1. The brand doesn’t understand why the audience follows, subscribes and/or ‘Likes’ them.

Is it for coupons? Customer support? Recipes or product tips? Or simply because it looks cool to publish…

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Bud and Big Brands Bring FIFA A-Game

The 2010 FIFA World Cup kickoff is just days away. You may feel quickness of pulse, sweaty palms and the pressing desire to tell the guy sitting next to you exactly how many days, hours and minutes away this moment is. The reason for this behavior could be the effect of countdown timers being posted everywhere FIFA – one of the many tools along with games and contests asking soccer fans to get involved this season. Soccer and social media are powerful, global uniters, and in some…

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Coca Cola, Starbucks top list of best brands on Facebook


For companies to stay relevant these days, and to actually matter in a digital age, they increasingly have to be involved on social networks—Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Everyone’s trying to connect with their customers, to be human, and to make a whole lot of money. But who’s doing it well?

That’s the question that The Big Money, from Slate Magazine, went out and asked. Their answers are in a report published today, The Big Money Facebook 50, listing the top 50 brands…

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Facebook Marketing: IKEA Rocks Social Media with Photo Tagging

Gordon Gustavsson IKEA Malmo Facebook profile

We talk a lot about how big brands are embracing social media as a mechanism to connect directly with customers. Still, it’s much easier to talk about integrating social media into your brand than it is to actually do it. That’s why IKEA’s recent Facebook campaign is so awesome. The Swedish furniture company opened a new store in Malmo, Sweden and rather than spread the word the old-fashioned way, they decided to go directly to the people using Facebook.

An account was…

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Expense-a-Steak App Takes on Recession… and your accounting department!

Screen Sot

This is a terrific example of smart and relevant content. A simple application that doesn’t provide much utility, but worth a laugh and hits a bulls-eye for relevancy.
Here’s the context: The economy has been a bit on the soft side, putting a great deal of pressure on certain industries: the banking industry, the media industry, the brokerage industry, the advertising industry and, in a poignant example of collateral damage, the $108 steak ‘n’ fries-for-two industry.
Go to…

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A branded app that brings you a little joy during volatile economic times.

PUMA Bodywear brings you a little joy during these volatile economic times. The PUMA Index is a real stock market ticker, but with an added bonus. When the market goes down the models clothes come…

An interesting and certainly amusing concept from PUMA.  If they’re hoping to target a young male demo, this is certainly the right play.  That said, does it do any damage to the brand?  There is very little association between what…

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If popular websites were people, what would they look like?


Mashable’s Stan Schroeder recently posted this short blurb and image from comic artist elontirien on deviantART. The image truly captures the essence of these websites… so now you can put a face to the name!
Who’s the Bigger Nerd: Wikipedia or Google?: “If popular websites were people, what would they look like? If you’ve ever wondered, an artist’s rendering gives a really cute answer to the question.

Portrayed in the image, created by comic artist elontirien on…

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Dunkin’ Donuts Makes Coffee Runs… Wait! What Did You Want Again?


Great iPhone campaign from Dunkin’ Donuts helps to aggregate and keep track of group orders.  I’d download the app, but of course our Duknin’ Donuts is right outside our window… it’s part of the Big Fuel 🙂

June 22nd, 2009 | by Jennifer Van Grove
Dunkin’ Donuts has been on a social media tear of late. Not only are they one of our top 40 brands on Twitter, but they’re also attempting to merge offline and online efforts in a Facebook campaign with a heavy tie-in to…

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Trident Thinks Small, Happy

Trident targets the “little piece of happy” of the brand instead of taking the materialistic approach

These short 15 second ads are not meant to deliver a long, drawn out, deep message but instead to provide the audience with a smile or a ‘moment of happiness.’  The campaign has been in the works for three years and sprang as a result of asking customers what Trident truly looked like to them.

Read more at Brandweek:  Trident Thinks Small,…

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Daily Show fans are in for a treat- Bing pays for a Tivo-like fast forward through commercials


Bing is taking the same concept to shows such as George Lopez, Charm School With Rikki Lake, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge.  We have no idea what this concept looks like as of yet but Mashable promises to be a video ASAP.  Studies are showing that curiosity in the Bing has peaked but this hasn’t necessarily translated to any gains.

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How Firefox Got Grassroots Marketing Right

Firefox is implementing a variety of grass-roots marketing strategies to advertise the web browser rated second only to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  What are some examples of these ingenious strategies? Consider the following:, Mozilla Campus Reps, Mozilla Community Store, Mozilla Labs, and

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