Is it Advertising or Entertainment?

USA Today took a look at the MacGruber spots from Pepsi and Saturday Night Live — the spots ran during SNL on Saturday and again on Sunday during the Super Bowl — here are some highlights from the full article:

…all were paid commercials by Pepsi, made in collaboration with producer Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live. The segments weren’t product placement, but commercials paid for by Pepsi and produced by SNL. Though they appeared to be sketches on SNL, they ran during allotted…

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Jim Beam Loves Bimbos

Contest Encourages People to Out-Bimbo Jim Beam Bimbo


The Jim Beam girlfriend is back. And this time it comes with a contest which kicks off today. As part of the campaign, people create and upload their own versions of the Girlfriend commercial for a chance to win $25,000 and a trip to Las Vegas.
The commercial which will air through February 15 on sports networks including TNT and ESPN during the NBA playoffs. People will have until March 19 to enter the contest.
So if you’ve got…

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Guys, is your hair girl-approved?

Axe has posed this question to guys everywhere, is your hair girl-approved? Backed by research performed by StrategyOne (Edelman), Axe founded that 79% of girls (aged 18 – 24)  think guys don’t know how to style their hair to its full potential whereas 85 % of guys think their hair looks pretty good. This is an interesting problem because it gives both girls and guys the power to do something (i.e. – targeting two different types of consumers for a male hair product). …

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Redesigning the Stop Sign

A cautionary tale.  Ok, maybe just a funny tale… but take caution!…

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The greatest viral video hoax! (or was it)

If you have not heard the story of Matt Harding. He is guy who went around the world and did a little dance and then got a sponsorship from a gum company to support his trip. Generating over 17MM video views!

Viral video sensation Matt Harding responds to accusations on YouTube that his Where The Hell is Matt? video was photoshopped. He reveals the entire thing was actually a big-budget viral marketing campaign…

Or was it……

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Campbell’s adDress’s Your Heart

Campbell Soup Promo Invites You to Vote for Your Favorite Dress and Protect Your Heart
The Campbell Soup Co. has teamed up with television, film and Broadway star Jane Krakowski of NBC’s “30 Rock” and runway designer Nicole Miller in the “AdDress Your Heart” promotion with a goal to help raise funds and awareness for the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement. Heart disease is the number one killer of women today. Campbell Soup, who has been increasing the variety of…

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Pomegranate Phone

Being a tech and gadget enthusiast I have to admit that when I loaded up the micro-site… I got really excited.
Even if you don’t trade your cell phone on craigslist every 6 months to upgrade to the “next” gadget, many of us take our cell phones pretty seriously. Whether you have a flip phone, a touch screen or 3G capabilities, the Pomegranate Phone NS08 thinks its got what you’re looking for. Immediately following the intro video where the graphics read, “The ultimate…

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It began a little over a year ago, my random impulse to revisit the evolution of the video game console. I found the perfect photo chronology that went back to the Odyssey console and went up through the X-Box 360/PS3/Wii. I was truly stoked, forwarded it to a handful of friends and then moved on to action figures. I found the entire Masters of the Universe toy line, listed by year. Same for G.I. Joe and Transformers. I’m not a collector. I don’t bid on this stuff, nor hang…

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We Are... BIG FUEL

Hello! Big Fuel is a full-service marketing and communications company based in New York that takes brands from Content To Commerce. A unique approach that bridges "people stories" to "product stories" through social media and branded content.

Big Fuel is one part marketing agency, building brands through consumer insight; one part entertainment company, creating content that people love; and one part distribution company, driving guaranteed results by delivering content to targeted audiences. We work with major brands, leading agencies, publishers and platforms to help marketers achieve true consumer engagement.

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