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Mayor Bloomberg to Media Industry: We’re Here to Help…

“The City of New York yesterday introduced a multi-pronged initiative to help its struggling media sector. It offers a variety of plans that focus on innovation, research, retraining and new technology. “With the media industry undergoing profound changes it’s incumbent on us to take steps now to capitalize on growth opportunities and ensure New York remains an industry leader,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

The effort includes the formation of the New York City Media Lab, a…

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Dunkin’ Donuts Makes Coffee Runs… Wait! What Did You Want Again?


Great iPhone campaign from Dunkin’ Donuts helps to aggregate and keep track of group orders.  I’d download the app, but of course our Duknin’ Donuts is right outside our window… it’s part of the Big Fuel 🙂

June 22nd, 2009 | by Jennifer Van Grove
Dunkin’ Donuts has been on a social media tear of late. Not only are they one of our top 40 brands on Twitter, but they’re also attempting to merge offline and online efforts in a Facebook campaign with a heavy tie-in to…

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Daily Show fans are in for a treat- Bing pays for a Tivo-like fast forward through commercials


Bing is taking the same concept to shows such as George Lopez, Charm School With Rikki Lake, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge.  We have no idea what this concept looks like as of yet but Mashable promises to be a video ASAP.  Studies are showing that curiosity in the Bing has peaked but this hasn’t necessarily translated to any gains.

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Is green marketing here to stay?


My latest article for Adotas just launched… it tries to answer the question “Is Green Marketing Here to Stay?” The article breaks down several factors to come up with an answer.

First, we must look through the consumer lens to evaluate the marketplace, consumer motivation and accessibility.  Additionally, we need to understand how those factors impact the key players responsible for developing, distributing and promoting the products that fill the marketplace: manufacturers,…

Read More launches today – a true decision engine beyond Yahoo

Hunch decision engine assists users in doing just that- making decisions through a Q & A interface.  Users can utilize questions already in the system or they can create their own.  When the final result to the question arrives, users can tell Hunch whether they agree or disagree.

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Google-squared…a square of knowledge

Find it tedious and irritating searching through multiple websites on Google to find the information you are seeking? Not anymore! Google-squared, Google’s new creation, is literally a square of information at your fingertips. Too good to be true? Perhaps, since the square is not perfect and still in progress. However, it is simple to use. All you have to do is enter a search term (i.e. dogs) and Google will pull up a variety of information ranging anywhere from weight and color fur of of dogs…

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Privacy & Social Media

According to Clay Shirkey, a teacher within the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, due to programs such as Facebook and Twitter, there is no more privacy. Shirkey delves into this topic deeper by saying that this negatively influences kids and adults; however, for different reasons. In today’s society, where is the wiggle room to misbehave? Kids need that, according to Shirkey. No one is perfect. These social communication platforms have made it that much more…

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Video Best Practices: Part 2 – First Came Story… Now The Strategy

This is the follow up to last weeks article covering online video best practices — here’s an excerpt and link to the full article is below:


ADOTAS — So we talked last week about the importance of content, and we showed you a few examples of online video that delivers with a strong story.

Now you have hit all the important points, element of surprise,thrown in a few laughs, some subtle sex appeal, and now you wait forthe eyeballs to come to you. And…nothing. Outside of views…

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The Future of Social Media: The Walls Come Crumbling Down

Social media venues and networking websites provide vast resources for individuals to connect and share personal, factual and fun information. However, many of these involved resources are locked away behind specific brands and companies (i.e. Facebook vs. MySpace). Here’s an interesting article that provides some insight into past and future trends regarding social networking barriers, and explores the new ‘Wave’ of communication Google is planning to unveil. Enjoy!
Posted by, Michael…

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Keys for successful online video advertising

My first article as a contributing editor on — the first part of a 2-part story on video best practices… a quick excerpt is below, and a link to the full article follows. Enjoy!

ADOTAS — Every minute, about 10 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, the number one site for uploading and viewing videos online. In fact, hundreds of millions of videos are watched each day on YouTube. Most quietly fade away. At Big Fuel, we’ve been working with advertisers to effectively…

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Big Fuel listed as 1 of 10 hot creative agencies to watch…

iMedia Connection’s Michael Estrin posted an article today listing 10 “hot creative agencies to watch” — and what do you know, there was Big Fuel… Thanks for the props Michael!

Article Highlights:

Many big agencies are making a play to go digital without being truly in the space
The digital industry is seeing a disintegration between brilliant creative people and brilliant technologists
The key is keeping existing/prospective clients off the track of following hype

Above all…

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We Are... BIG FUEL

Hello! Big Fuel is a full-service marketing and communications company based in New York that takes brands from Content To Commerce. A unique approach that bridges "people stories" to "product stories" through social media and branded content.

Big Fuel is one part marketing agency, building brands through consumer insight; one part entertainment company, creating content that people love; and one part distribution company, driving guaranteed results by delivering content to targeted audiences. We work with major brands, leading agencies, publishers and platforms to help marketers achieve true consumer engagement.

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