How Veronica Mars changed the relationship fans have with Hollywood

Veronica Mars

When Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell’s people reached out to Big Fuel to help with the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project, none of us could have anticipated the consumer response. Sure, we were excited and optimistic to work with the writer (Rob) and star (Kristen) of the once-popular show, but keep in mind that no film had ever raised even one million dollars through Kickstarter, and we were aiming for two. Also remember that while the show had long garnered interest in life on the big…

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Missed Opportunities: Poland Spring & The State of the Union


True to the millennial that I am, my favorite hobby in recent years has been live-tweeting big live telecast events. That said, I would like to touch on how brands are or should be tuning into these events, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, to identify new marketing opportunities using the “second screen.” On Tuesday night, in true Twitter monkey fashion, I joined the Twitter hordes, providing some of the most entertaining and insightful commentary—perhaps even more…

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Brands Can Be Mean

Remember back when it was taboo to mention your competitors in your advertising? 10 years ago you told people why they should buy your product, not why they shouldn’t buy another. Back when Bounty kicked the snot out of “the competitor brand” in those absorbency tests, your mind had to make some leaps to place Brawny in that role (#ObscureReference). Nowadays it’s commonplace to name AND insult your competition in any and all forms of advertising, and you don’t even have to…

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How Social Is the Advertising Industry?

Every day, an agency uploads a presentation to Slideshare, or releases a gated whitepaper, or blogs and tweets about social media best practices. But is it all talk?

To find the answer, one needn’t look much further than some of the biggest awards in the industry. Sure, many of them have added social media categories, but that will not suffice; awards administrators need to find more appropriate criteria on which to judge a social media execution.

For one thing, the…

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Facebook is not going to eat your children.

It has been rumored that Facebook is going to allow children under the age of 13 to become legal members of the social media site. It is estimated that there are already 7.5 million underage current users of the service. Approximately 1% of all Facebook users. There are groups out there like the Consumers Union, The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Children Now that are opposed to such actions. Their fear is twofold:

These children will be advertised to and will be…

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Is Facebook Losing Its MOM-entum?

Recently I received concern about a few bloggers whom I recommended to someone for a program. Many of the moms I am a friends with, or who are renown in the mom social circles, don’t have big Facebook numbers; but they do have large followings on Twitter or on their blogs.

The social mom usually reserves Facebook for close friends and family, while other social sites are for her broader audience. For the new mom, Facebook is a great place to share her excitement over her baby,…

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Can Social Save American Soccer?

Steve Jobs was once asked how much market research went into the iPad. “None,” he said, “it’s not the consumer’s job to know what they want.”

That got me thinking about soccer…and how for most people, nothing gets them thinking about soccer. Americans don’t care about it. Sure, there are exceptions, but generally speaking, we just look up the definition of off sides every four years so we can follow the game closely enough to justify a month long inebriation as…

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Please do your homework before you call us mommy bloggers.

I am a mom. I have a blog. And I really hate the term “mommy blogger”. Blogger says one thing– we write blogs. Sure, we write blogs, but we do so much more. Consensus among moms reflects my hatred. My children don’t even call me mommy, so why are you calling me mommy?
We are CEOs, Founders, CMOs, Content Directors, Creative Directors, Media Directors, PR and event managers. We just happen to have blogs in our arsenal of marketing tools. I even hate the term mom-trepeneur (despite…

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What does Klout buy you?

I was pretty popular in high school. Not Justin Beiber popular, but everyone seemed to know my name and remembered me. I was even voted Vice President of my senior class. It’s amazing what a name like Frantz in upstate New York can do for you. Well that, and throwing the biggest non-parent sanctioned party my high school had ever seen. But I never could turn that popularity into a sustained movement or the ability to make money or get free stuff.

In 2012, there is a way to…

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I have been rejected from “motherhood” for the age of my kids.

Does mom ageism exist? Damn right it exists. For most brands, the focus is on younger moms of infants and toddlers. Moms with teenagers are written off. Boomer moms, despite all of their disposable income, are virtually ignored.

But look at this statistic: there are 12 million moms of teenagers (ages 14-17) and 25 million moms of young adults (ages 18-29).

So what started me on this subject? I was recently rejected from appearing on a TV show with other moms because “my…

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Should social media ever be used for disciplining your child?

A dad disciplines his daughter for her disrespect by shooting her laptop to death and sharing it with the world via video. A mom in Ohio posts a photo of her daughter with a red X over her mouth and tells her she has to answer everyone who asks why she is no longer allowed to use Facebook. Both parents have gotten much press over their unusual disciplinary actions. I wonder whether they chose to social media as punishment, or for the media attention…

But should children be…

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