54% of US Internet users on Facebook, 27% on MySpace

Digital Beat’s LeeAnn Prescott recently posted a blog featuring some terrific data that shows the penetration rates of various social networks.  In her post she highlights December 2009 data from comScore that puts Facebook’s unique US visitor count at nearly 112 million. With a total estimated US Internet population of 205 million, that means that 54% of all Internet users are on Facebook. MySpace captured a still strong 57 million users in December — 27% of the Internet…

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Staring Down Brand Social Media Anxiety

Budgets across many industries are being moved more traditional media to social media. And everywhere companies are scrambling to get on the marketing-to-women, and specifically Moms, bandwagon.

But for many brands, it’s a mere toe in the water as they analyze the cost benefit of doing so. Few brands are fearless like Pepsi who has taken its entire advertising budget usually spent on the Super Bowl and put it against social media. And mavericks like E.L.F cosmetics are rare…

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Friending for the Future

I was recently given my first Poken, a trendy little vampire. Haven’t heard of Poken? The über-cute business card, modernized to meet current social networking needs. My favorite new tool swaps contact information by simply touching the four-fingered sensor with another Poken. The tiny device stores a user’s individual arrangement of personal and/or business information plus links out to your choice of 30+ social networking sites. During this year’s Social Media Week you…

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Engagement on Social Networks Top Priority for Marketers

According to an article on eMarketer…”Earned media spending to see biggest increase”

Though not immune to the recession, digital marketing rode out the downturn, and marketers worldwide are bullish about the space’s prospects in 2010, according to research from the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA).

The “2010 Digital Marketing Outlook” report found that 81% of the brand executives surveyed expected an increase in digital projects in 2010, and one-half will be moving…

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Two-thirds of marketers investing DM budget in social media

Companies are increasingly shifting their direct marketing budgets to social media, according to a study released January 21 by marketing services firm Alterian. The survey found that two-thirds (66%) of marketers who took the survey will invest in social media marketing in the next year. In addition, it found that of those investing in social media marketing, 40% will shift more than a fifth of their traditional direct marketing budget toward social channels.

The findings come…

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Social Media and Brand Reputation Strategy

Direct engagement top short-term response.

An oft-cited fear of brands is that online consumers will post negative comments about them, especially on social media where opinions can be broadcast far and wide. In their “Social Media and Online PR Report,” Econsultancy and bigmouthmedia explored ways marketers can combat brand bashing.

Asked what their company had done to minimize negative comments in the past, nearly one-half reported having directly engaged with the…

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Smartphone owners a ‘threat’ to retailers

US consumers are using their iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android phones for in-store research, according to new data from Compete.

A survey from the researchers, covering the third quarter of 2009, suggested that 52% of smartphone owners use their handsets to check product descriptions, that 36% check rival retailers’ prices when deciding whether or not to buy a product, and that 34% used “m-commerce” channels to make purchases.

Commenting on the Compete report, Jeffrey Grau,…

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5 Social Media Implications for Brands in 2010

I recently came across an Adweek article by Sienna Farris with the following predictions for 2010 that I thought worth sharing.  This year certainly marks the coming of age in Social Media and no matter where it goes and what the future holds, one thing is for certain.  Every brand must have a Social Media strategy — they must chose the role they want to play in Social Media and what they want their brand to represent.  This is something we call Social.id — an identity or…

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2010 Social Marketing Budgets Defy Economic Concern

Change in Social Marketing Budget from 2009 to 2010, by Industry Sector

Chances are your overall marketing budget was hit hard by the economy in 2009 and the prospect of recovering a substantial portion of these funds in 2010 is not very likely. Still, there is good news for social media marketers.

The chart above shows that social marketing will benefit from significant budget increases in the year ahead, regardless of what industry your organization is in. What this chart…

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Key Learnings in Online Video Viewing

Eyeblaster’s “Global Benchmark Report 2009” claimed that size mattered less than creative for online video ad success. But data from PointRoll and Accustream iMedia Research shows formats and sizes do have an effect on completion rates.

Untethered videos performed best. In addition, large horizontal formats and small rectangles performed very well. PointRoll’s “Online Video Advertising 2009” report notes that, in line with Eyeblaster’s findings, bigger is not simply better….

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Bridging Dream Technology With Social Reality

When Pranav Mistry started his exploration about eight years back, he started with an idea.  That idea was to use everyday objects and gestures in the real world and leverage their interaction with the digital world.  In the recently posted video on TED, (Technology, Entertainment, Design) “The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology,” Mistry demos several tools and applications that “bridge” the physical world with the digital world.  After watching the nearly 15 minute clip, my first…

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We Are... BIG FUEL

Hello! Big Fuel is a full-service marketing and communications company based in New York that takes brands from Content To Commerce. A unique approach that bridges "people stories" to "product stories" through social media and branded content.

Big Fuel is one part marketing agency, building brands through consumer insight; one part entertainment company, creating content that people love; and one part distribution company, driving guaranteed results by delivering content to targeted audiences. We work with major brands, leading agencies, publishers and platforms to help marketers achieve true consumer engagement.

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