Is Your Brand Page Optimized for Graph Search?

Graph Search

Since its launch on January 15th, Graph Search has been heralded as Facebook’s game-changing third pillar redefining the role of search on the digital landscape. As is the case with any major announcement in the social space, our Brand Channel Management team was sent into a scramble, testing, analyzing and optimizing in order to determine how this new product would affect brands and marketers at-large.

The long-term effects of this product still remain unclear. However, based…

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Moms would love to be fingerprinted.

I usually go to the gym carrying my keys because my gym has to swipe the key tag on it. But now they have a fingerprint imaging system. All I do is lay my pointer finger on the pad till it blinks green and I’m in! No more search and destroy missions in the early morning to find my keys. My ID is with me everywhere I go.

Just imagine if every store had fingerprint imaging. Purses all across America would become infinitely lighter. We would also cut down on the spread of disease….

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Bullying on Facebook

People like to pick on the big guys: Yankees, Lakers, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, LeBron James…and Facebook. We like to poke holes at these goliaths and claim their demise and death. We want to see them stuck in the mud and flailing. But then we like to see a good comeback and say we always knew they could do it like Apple and Tiger Woods. So I cringe as I saw two articles come out in the last 24 hours about how Facebook just isn’t all its cracked up to be: “Facebook Ads…

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“Slam Dunk” Marketing

Prepare to hear something incredibly insightful that you’ve never heard before: social media is a growing part of nearly every brand’s marketing mix (and they say you can’t pick up sarcasm via text). Ok, it’s a bit cliché, but that’s for good reason. I don’t think anyone would disagree that the percentage of marketing hours and dollars dedicated to social will double and triple in a the next few years. Unfortunately, I believe too many brands are passively riding that…

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Is Video Social?

Because the silent, frequent, and written language-based interaction between human beings via an electronic medium has been the main characteristic of social media, video has many times, in my experience as a producer, been said to be “not-that-social.”

Well…not so fast.

From the moment most of us are born, auditory and visual stimuli (and, yes, skin contact) form the foundation of our social life.  The moving image is at the root of the way we communicate, and is one of…

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The Current Battle for Talent

There is a lot of talk about the War for Talent, again. This happens now and then, typically post-recession or economic struggle. It is my firm belief that the War will never end and you must have a strategy for the War, not the battle. Most companies right now are fighting the battle – using a very old method of open job and close job strategy. We must stop thinking like recruiters and start thinking like marketers. What I am saying is that I suggest a push in the talent industry…

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A Social Labs Special: Quarterly Technology Round Up

At Big Fuel Social Labs, we are constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge technology that will make a difference in how we connect and communicate. Often, we catch wind of seedling ideas or newly launched startups whose implications may not be obvious at first, but still intrigue us and stimulate our imaginations. Here’s what caught my eye so far this quarter:

The most downloaded app in over 16 countries – Line global messaging service allows Smartphone uses to enjoy free voice…

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CES 2012 – Creative Talks Live

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kim Gould from Facebook’s marketing and communications team at this year’s CES. We had a great discussion around trends in technology, social media and more. This was a terrific way to cap off a very productive week in Vegas, where I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, see some dazzling new products and enjoy a few nights out with my team, our clients and…

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From Ruby to Rifles: The Tech Team Goes on an Adventure!

When someone says the words “team building exercise,” most of us run for the nearest exit with dark thoughts in our heads of awkward trust falls and of Frank from accounting sharing a little too much with the group about his recent divorce. Here at Big Fuel, we try to do things a little differently. A few weeks ago, the Tech team put down the candy bucket, capped the communal bottle of Sriracha, and briefly detached from our monitors for an adventure at the West Side Pistol and Rifle Range.


Loading up!

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A Tech Girl’s Holiday Wishlist

Hey guys! Alana Edmunds here, Tech Lead at Big Fuel. When it comes to shopping for the gadget-obsessed gal in your life, you’ll need to do a lot of research. It’s not just about the coolest high-tech toy on the market; it has to be functional and stylish as well. Since that’s a pretty tall order, I’ve put together a wish list that’s sure to please. From stylish accessories for the girl who has everything, to unexpected stocking stuffers, here are my top picks from all over the Web:

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One Hack of a Day: a Creative Crashes the Times Open Hack Day

Let’s take a minute and give props to The New York Times. Newspapers are struggling all over, but the Times is making digital waves. I’m not just talking about digital subscriptions; the Times is opening itself to innovative development with its annual Times Open series, a Developer Network that allows developers that tap into their vast amounts of data, and, a site that showcases experimental projects from the New York Times. And then, there was this weekend’s…

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