Focusing on the Future: Steps to Stay Relevant

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It’s safe to say that all “knowledge-worker” professionals know that we must always be focusing and planning for the future. In finance (401k! long-term savings!) in health (get those annual checkups!) and other aspects of our lives.
It always comes down to time- where can you make trade-offs? How can you get more things done with an ever-decreasing amount of time and/or money?

Sometimes we cut corners – maybe it’s reading the “cliffs notes”…

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Facebook Vs. Google+: The Data Game

This past Thursday, Big Fuel welcomed some folks from the Google to our office to teach us all about Google+ and answer our questions…and boy did we have a lot of questions!

As the Technorati and laypeople begin to adopt the new social network meant to rival Facebook, issues and concerns are popping up, like what services will be added or integrated, how are everyday users and media professionals using it, and most importantly what it can do for businesses.

Many marketing and…

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NYC on Rails Hackfest

nyc rails hackfest big fuel

Seven hackers hacking…
Here at Big Fuel, we’re always looking for opportunities to host or sponsor anything that has to do with Ruby, Rails and all that lies between. This past Sunday, we hosted the NYC on Rails group’s monthly Hackfest. Attendees worked in small groups on fixes to Rails 3.1, a variety of smaller personal projects, and on eating the giant stacks of pizza we provided to keep them going all day long.

If you’re interested in working in Big Fuel’s tech department,…

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Twittertainment: A Twitter Experiment

Over the past few years, I’ve found it fascinating to watch the evolution and massive pop culture adaption of Twitter. In 2009, just as it was beginning to get people talking, I recall the overwhelming skepticism … “What’s so special about Twitter? Isn’t it just like Facebook status updates?” Since then, people have become increasingly intrigued and started to take a much closer look. Brands too have taken notice, recognizing its value as an engagement tool. Yet still, Twitter…

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Try Toasting is a new URL shortening site that allows the user to create and share a 5 second billboard between clicking a link and being driven to final site destination.  Check out the video below for more info.

Last week, I invited Alan Chan, founder of, to come into the Big Fuel office to meet with a few of the folks in my department.  I knew this would definitely be a benefit for our…

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How Social Media Will Get You To Travel

The frequent flier has a credit card that racks up miles and eventually lands them free flights and upgrades. The same goes for hotels. For everyone else, there is the internet. The world wide web leads to a vast selection of cheap flights, hotel discounts, and car rentals just by entering a few search terms.

Before social media was popular, search engines such as Google were the best way to find affordable travel. Believe it or not, the travel community is now very active in social media,…

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Virtual Gifts Just Got Actual

Giftee is an online service where you can send a small ‘thank you’ through small gifts by twitter and email. Virtual gifts just got…

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The TENTACULAS of Transmedia Storytelling

I live in a story world and I am the Hero and the Princess.  Each and everyday I am creating and sharing my life with the world around me.  I blog, I tweet, tumbl, and make short films to express myself.  I am empowered and entrapped by media.  It’s 2011 and everyone is a producer and consumer, audience and performer; we are filling the void with the banal details of our lives as if they were epic poems. The Internet has given us huge entry points and tools to share and consume which has…

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Why you should care about 4Square.

Mark my words, Geo-location will be at the heart of Social Media.

Social Media Is About Me.

I had the good fortune to hear Peter Theil speak a few weeks ago.  He shared a lot of wisdom from behind his podium — one memorable moment for me was his answer to the question “why did Facebook succeed where other social networks (ie. MySpace) stalled out?”

His answer was simple and elegant.  “MySpace was started in LA as a place where people went to become somebody else.  Facebook was…

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Music Industry Finds a New Success Metric

Eminem is the most ‘Liked’ artist on Facebook… period.

There was once a time when success in the music industry was represented by record sales and who had the most chart topping hits. Today, we live in a very different age. How different of an age? Well, if Facebook ‘Likes’ are any indication, we have a new number one contender. Just last month, it looked like Lady Gaga had things all wrapped up. She had been the most ‘Liked’ living artist for months. Eminem crept up and took that title from her, and he’s poised to continue that rise. Read More

Mitsubishi Wows Gen Y with Autonomous Test Drives

Mitsubishi intends to wow America’s car-buying youth with their launch efforts for the 2011 Outlander Sport, a small sporty crossover that just hit dealerships for less than $20k. The wow factor…the ability to autonomously test drive the car from your living room sofa.

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