AI and the Web: dog.is_cute?

I think that when most people hear the term “Artificial Intelligence”, the image of an attractive, young robot built for pleasure or work comes immediately to mind. But while the field of AI and Machine Learning is certainly headed in the direction of sexy robots, its practical applications are much less noticeable and not nearly as physically attractive. In fact, you’re probably using AI without even realizing it. If you’ve Googled something today, you’ve benefitted from a…

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Engage Me.

As a Production Manager here at Big Fuel I am constantly online researching new social and creative content. I listen to music, stream web videos and am versed in the next great campaign. The campaigns that stand out are the ones I feel passionate about and ultimately tell a story I want to share with someone else.  I recently found an interactive music video collaboration by the band Arcade Fire called The Wilderness Downtown and it opened my eyes to a new kind of music video….

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Top 5 Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media

Social media is a consumer’s closest connection to a brand. There are many companies out there doing it right. For those who are still developing their strategy and building resources – and for those who want a refresher –  here’s a look at the top 5 mistakes brands make.

1. The brand doesn’t understand why the audience follows, subscribes and/or ‘Likes’ them.

Is it for coupons? Customer support? Recipes or product tips? Or simply because it looks cool to publish…

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The Man v. Free Content: Not So Simple

New York City hosted a moment in time last weekend to, “a roving conference for those who create.”  I had the fortune to continue the conversation and connect with makers, thinkers and generally cool people you should know. My recommendation is emphasized for anyone with days full of conceiving, creating and/or distributing content. Co-founder, Lance Weiler compares the conference to, “a lightning rod”. Encapsulating the electrifying effect of DIY Days on a chosen location;…

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Study Shows Companies Looking for Long Term ROI from Branded Content

The Custom Publishing Council (CPC) just release its numbers for 2009 and there’s some interesting takeaways from the report for agencies looking to hit the sweet spot in the branded content space.  Over half the brands surveyed (54%) are using branded content for awareness-based campaigns while only 21% where concerned with up-selling or short term transactions. Even costumer retention rated low at 25%.  Of the average overall marketing, advertising and communications budgets,…

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Is Social Media the Way to Customers’ Hearts… and Wallets?

Retailers are always looking for ways to connect with consumers and create brand loyalty, and consumers are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing quality. Could social media be the solution for everyone? I recently came across a great article on the J&R blog addressing this topic, entitled Social Media and Customer Loyalty Merits ROI?, written by J&R blogger Dr. Iz.

(As a testament to the use of social media, here’s how I came across the J&R blog posting:…

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5 Great Presentations on Measuring Social Media ROI

Here’s are the five most poignant and entertaining decks created on the topic of measuring the impact Social Media has on ROI.  Things I’m looking for are:

good balance between conceptual and tactical
shows a discernible link between common business mandates and social metrics
case studies are a plus
leaves us with actionable techniques
fresh prospective

1. So, first up is Olivier Blanchard’s “Basics of Social Media ROI.  This…

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Friending for the Future

I was recently given my first Poken, a trendy little vampire. Haven’t heard of Poken? The über-cute business card, modernized to meet current social networking needs. My favorite new tool swaps contact information by simply touching the four-fingered sensor with another Poken. The tiny device stores a user’s individual arrangement of personal and/or business information plus links out to your choice of 30+ social networking sites. During this year’s Social Media Week you…

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The “Life Stages” of Social Media ROI

As marketers, we’re often asked to evaluate ROI on a campaign against agreed on KPIs. Some clients focus on impressions delivered against a specific target while other clients are interested in branded engagements from a larger audience.  Both are important and are defined with the client based on the goals of the campaign.

When asked to define a campaign on consumer engagement, agencies often look to define a successful campaign by number of user-initiated actions: comments,…

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Social Media Budgets and ROI: The Ongoing Struggle

As a finance director, I know money. I know budgets. I know allocations. I know how to tighten the belt during a tough economy. I know how to keep the kids in line when the economy picks up and the money comes back in. (Kidding, co-workers, kidding! You’re all very mature adults who would never run out and buy an iPad on impulse and claim it as a research expense. Right?)

I also know that all budgets need ROI evaluations. So how would I evaluate the ROI on a social media budget?…

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100 Ways To Measure Social Media

The topic of Social Media Marketing ROI is hotter than ever.  With most brands now mandated to develop a social strategy, marketers are searching for ways to validate, justify and measure their efforts.  MediaPost’s David Berkowitz wrote a great list of 100 things they can start with!  OK, so you don’t really need to worry about all 100 — but it just goes to show you that there’s a lot Social Marketing can give back in the form of data.  All of which is measurable and…

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We Are... BIG FUEL

Hello! Big Fuel is a full-service marketing and communications company based in New York that takes brands from Content To Commerce. A unique approach that bridges "people stories" to "product stories" through social media and branded content.

Big Fuel is one part marketing agency, building brands through consumer insight; one part entertainment company, creating content that people love; and one part distribution company, driving guaranteed results by delivering content to targeted audiences. We work with major brands, leading agencies, publishers and platforms to help marketers achieve true consumer engagement.

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