Creating a Social Media Value Funnel to increase ROI


In this post I want to walk through a few steps in creating a social marketing funnel that leads to meaningful ROI.

Matching the demo with the channel – First you have to decide on a channel that offers the greatest chance that your message will be socialized.  That means picking content and platforms that fit the format of the way people with active followings in your desired demographic communicate to their respective followers.  For example,  if you are Burton trying to…

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The Uber list of ways to measure social media ROI


The opportunity (and dilemma) for most social agencies is the reality that campaign  measurement is largely determined by an ever growing pool of content  platforms and networks that all seek the converse with the audience in slightly different ways.  This does not exactly make standardization very attainable but it does make customization a powerful and differentiating tool when trying to compete in a space that rewards rapid innovation of business models.   Therefore, …

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Bridging Dream Technology With Social Reality

When Pranav Mistry started his exploration about eight years back, he started with an idea.  That idea was to use everyday objects and gestures in the real world and leverage their interaction with the digital world.  In the recently posted video on TED, (Technology, Entertainment, Design) “The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology,” Mistry demos several tools and applications that “bridge” the physical world with the digital world.  After watching the nearly 15 minute clip, my first…

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The CMO struggle to measure real Social Media ROI


I’ve been to three ad industry/media conferences in the last three weeks and there’s one issue that remains center stage as the social tsunami continues to wash over the digital media landscape.  That issue is of course, “What is the real value of social media and how do we measure it.  Most decision makers intuitively know social media is having an impact from a general awareness prospective but few are measuring it. It’s really the next evolutionary stage of that old…

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Focus groups vs. analytics in measuring social media ROI


Tom Gerace’s recent post in imedia connection, attempts to measure the true brand value of a social campaign.  What I found interesting about it was that here you have one of the  leading social platforms, Gather, with access to best analytics tools in the space, choosing to use predominately traditional sampling and focus testing techniques. It just goes to show that there are many ways to approach measurement and as marketers, it is our job to pick the right horse for the right…

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ROI is 100% media agnostic

Olivier Blanchard gave an interesting presentation and made a point that we often loose site of, “ROI is 100% media agnostic” and it usually happens in a specific sequence that goes something like this:

Investment > action > reaction > non-financial impact > financial impact.

“ROI” doesn’t care much about engagements and even less about impressions. It only care about a measurable uptick in sales or in…

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The Uber-List of 275 Twitter Tools… Something for Every Occasion.


It’s likely that there are more Twitter tools available now than people “following” you.  Here is an uber-list of 275 Twitter tools for every occasion… from finding the right people to follow, tracking latest trends, integrating with blogs and Facebook, to scheduling tweets and everything in between.  Chances are if you’re into Twitter, then there’s something on this list that can help enhance your experience.  If nothing else, it’s amazing to see how a phenomenon like Twitter…

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Amazing mobile app lets you see the world ‘through online eyes’


Written on June 17, 2009 – 2:12 pm
Martin Bryant, Co-founder, Social Media Café Manchester

While the tech blogosphere goes iPhone 3.0 crazy today, here’s a reminder that there’s a lot to be excited about elsewhere in the mobile world too.  Layar is a new ‘Augmented Reality Browser’ for Android phones. Forget everything you’re used to about searching the internet, Layar throws that all away. By holding your phone in front of you and looking through its camera lens…

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Forget your travel agent – introducing the Gliider, your very own interactive trip planner

This new Firefox plug-in allows users to drag and drop travel information from all over the web.  The difference between Gliider and it’s the competitors is the fact that Gliider focuses only upon the planning portion of the trip.  The user simply inputs where they are going and when and Gliider then creates folders with information and links for things such as flights, hotels, restaurants, etc.  Keep your eye out for the iPhone app coming soon!  (Read more at Techcrunch)…

Read More launches today – a true decision engine beyond Yahoo

Hunch decision engine assists users in doing just that- making decisions through a Q & A interface.  Users can utilize questions already in the system or they can create their own.  When the final result to the question arrives, users can tell Hunch whether they agree or disagree.

Read more about it…

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Simple Ways to Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Brands are used to tracking their results when it comes to marketing, whether online or off.  There are certain methods for calculating your return on investment which are usually rather straightforward.

Along comes social media marketing and suddenly measuring your ROI is not so cut and dry.  I am often asked how you can tell whether the time you’ve spent on social media activities is really making a difference.  Here are some easy (and free) ways to help determine whether your social…

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