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It’s DADuary and you just have to meet Dad of Divas!

It’s January and we’re starting off the year with a celebration of Dadhood and I’d like you to meet Christopher Lewis better knows as “Dad of Divas”. Over the course of the entire month I will be introducing you to a few of the amazing dads I’ve met.

Meet Chris, aka Dad of Divas.

Chris is a father of two girls (divas) who has “lost his kingdom” and is working every day to regain his footing in a world that is filled with everything from tiaras to makeup. He…

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It’s DADuary Celebration. Meet the GayNYCDad!

Mitch Chaitin and I keep running into each other at various blogger events and each and every time I seem to have some kind of drama with my children and need to run home. I’m beginning to think there’s something that happens to the air around us when we are in the same space.

In a continuation of the month of DADuary celebration, I’d for you to get to know Mitch also known as GayNYCDad. Mitch is a stay-at-home-dad (SAHD).

“Originally from the Bronx, I grew up in suburban…

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It’s a DADuary Celebration. Meet Jeff Bogle of “Out With The Kids” (OWTK)

“I grew up in the northern ‘burbs of Philadelphia, in a very comfortable and stable middle class family, yet decided to leave that and live in semi-squalor inside the city as a 20-year old. There I ran a small indie rock record label and rung up a disgusting amount of credit card debt. But, it was also there I’d meet my eventual wife and best friend (same person, in case that wasn’t clear). In 1999 we moved out to the western ‘burbs together with great jobs at the same…

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2012 Resolutions for Brands trying to reach moms

Brands love moms. It’s no wonder when they influence over an estimated $2.4 trillion dollars in household spending. But brands are going to have to work hard to grab her attention.  So for brands looking to connect with her, I’ve got a few New Year’s Resolution suggestions.

Resolution 1. Work with her this year.
Want more successful campaigns? Then work with her to come up with the ideas. Then the ideas will truly be designed to fit her needs and desires.

Resolution 2….

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Do today’s social media moms feel the pressure to be always on?

So most moms can’t go a day without using their mobile phone, laptop, or home computer. Her smart phone is her command center, her remote control and she uses it constantly throughout the day. Even while watching TV, studies show moms have their laptop on and the mobile phone by their side. I recently had an opportunity to be in on the taping of a television program so I had to turn my phone off for about four hours. People both on and offline wondered where I had disappeared to and…

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Tis the season of social giving.

Is this the year of social giving?

According to the Network for Good, social giving in Q1 2011 increased year over year by 48% – and that was before the holidays.

Blackbaud, a nonprofit software company, released a study with the following findings:
• 50% of donations happened because a friend asked them
• Those who used social media tools increased donations by 40%
• Use of online fundraising tools raises 6x more money than those who don’t
• Only half of…

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Monaco Media Forum 2011

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the Monaco Media Forum this year in Monte Carlo. It was a wonderful event that hosted some of the most brilliant minds in media, technology and advertising. Here is the video from my panel on the role of social in media. You can see more great content from the event on the Monaco Media Forum YouTube channel.


Tobias Bauckhage/Co-Founder & CEO, Moviepilot
Reggie Bradford/Founder & CEO, Vitrue
Lyle Fong/Co-Founder & Chief…

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This holiday will be all about mobile and social for mom.

The holidays are upon us whether we want it or not. The stores are full of decorations, holiday music and touting their layaway plans. And moms will be armed with their smartphones and using apps to get more done and make sure they are shopping smarter. Anything that helps her feel more organized, less stressed and makes shopping more convenient will

According to eMarketer, younger moms are more when it comes to mobile shopping activities, like researching new products,…

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Meet Kimberley Blaine, the GoToMom, and her inner Mompreneur Mojo.

Finding Your Mompreneur Mojo: You Can
Have the Family AND the Job of Your Dreams

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT
Founder www.MommytoMommy.TV

The world, I believe, is there for every mom’s taking right now. You just have to know how to go out there and take it…
I’m sure once you became a mom you had no idea that you were adding a second a career. Bring home the bacon…or play “this little piggy”? Work outside the home and feel perpetually guilty and…

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Hear to this: 93% of Moms spend 1 to 5 hours listening to podcasts.

Yes, it’s true. According to Maria Bailey, 93% of Moms spend 1 to 5 hours listening to podcasts. I bet you don’t even have podcasts in your marketing mix. But moms like podcasts. And it makes sense if you think about how much time Moms spend in cars driving kids to events, grocery shopping, running errands and just getting around. And the other reason, is most of the podcasts on iTunes are free–they fit right into a Mom’s budget.

You can find podcasts on everything from…

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A “recycled” article: 17 things I’ve learned from talking to moms.

I recently read one of Chris Brogan’s blog posts about recycling your own words. I thought this was a terrific suggestion and went to look back through all of the articles I’ve written. I highly recommend you take Chris up on his suggestion. First, if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve written. Second, you’ll find there is some content that is still valid even if it is a couple of years old. So dust some of your thinking off and add anything new and…

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