Brands should get to know Green Moms.

I must admit I personally haven’t been so driven to source out and buy green products. I know that I should but I have so many things I’m juggling, it was just one more thing I just didn’t think I could fit in. But I ran out of Murphy Oil Soap over the weekend and when I picked up the new bottle I discovered that 98% of it was made from “natural derived products.” I thought to myself “Wow, that’s cool.” A couple of weeks before that I discovered this site called…

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What brands should know about Mommy bloggers

What brands should know about Mommy bloggers

Mom bloggers are often women with advanced degrees in many cases. Most are not hustlers using the web for a quick buck. They are Moms who care and have high ethics and standards.

They are worry warts, control freaks, party planners, artists and coffee drinkers.

They are witty, sarcastic, brutally honest at time and caring. Their blogs made be perceived as soap boxes but in reality, they are real women doing the best they and…

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Hey, brands! Social media moms love 50 iPhone apps.

There are over 6.4 million iPhone users in the U.S. and over 50% of them are women. And women, particularly Moms, love their iPhones. For brands looking to connect with Moms, an iphone app is a must have as a part of a social media campaign.

Greystripe, the leading mobile brand advertising network, released their quarterly Mobile Advertising Insights Report, detailing behavioral characteristics of moms in their iPhone ad network. The report shows:

· 20% downloading…

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99 most useful Social Media Blog posts of 2009

Last week Adam Vincenzini published a terrific list of Social Media blog posts from 2009.  Looking through this list, I started thinking about how much has happened over the last year in the world of Social.  As we now enter 2010, there is no doubt that we will see continued exponential growth in what has become a dominant channel of communication.  In fact, eMarketer is projecting that 75% of US Marketers plan to increase their spending in Social Media next year.  Well, if 2010…

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20 Fantastic Free iPhone Apps for Moms (and Dads)

iPhone Mom

It’s hard to believe that a little device that’s the size of your hand can actually help parents become more organized, time-efficient, knowledgeable, even relaxed. However, that’s the beauty of an iPhone. The key, though, is to find the right apps to get you there, and with so many choices (more than 75,000), it takes time and effort to find good ones.
What follows is a list of 20 free apps that won’t necessarily make you a better parent, but can make your life a little…

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50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media


In every industry there are a few people who are unarguably outstanding at what they do. In addition to that, they are typically charismatic, energetic, and creative. In an effort to find some of these people Ron Hudson, of Immediate Influence, asked his twitter friends to nominate people who they thought were some of the most powerful and influential women in Social Media. It was no surprise that they quickly and enthusiastically responded with the list of ladies below.
While you…

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Facebook social media meets online shopping


Facebook is not just a place for socializing with friends and family.

There are over 200 million active members and Facebook is growing every week by about 300,000 to 500,000 new members. And of the active member, 70% of them engage with one or more of the 52,000 applications available on Facebook.

Facebook may be the next big online shopping website. Really? Hard to believe, but according to the Financial Times, 20 major retailers will be there for this holiday season.

Just think…

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The Uber-List of 275 Twitter Tools… Something for Every Occasion.


It’s likely that there are more Twitter tools available now than people “following” you.  Here is an uber-list of 275 Twitter tools for every occasion… from finding the right people to follow, tracking latest trends, integrating with blogs and Facebook, to scheduling tweets and everything in between.  Chances are if you’re into Twitter, then there’s something on this list that can help enhance your experience.  If nothing else, it’s amazing to see how a phenomenon like Twitter…

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100 Twitter Feeds for Healthy-Conscious Moms

twitter mom

In the quest to be a good Mom, Moms are using Twitter feeds to find tips and news on everything under the sun. Here’s a list of 100 awesome Twitter feeds for healthy-minded moms.

Pediatrics and Pregnancy

Learn about healthy eating while you’re pregnant, get tweets from respected pediatricians, and learn about infant health here.

@TheMommyStation: This feed shares links about pregnancy, adoption, breast feeding and more.
@APregnancyStory: Sharon Rowe is an RN who…

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7 Powerful Insights for Social Marketing to Women (and Moms)

marketing to womens

Women have been associated with shopping since the concept began but, until fairly recently, not so much with buying. When it comes to big purchases like cars, homes, finances or technology, the conversations (and the marketing dollars) have primarily been directed to men. The theory seemed to be that the hunters decided what to get and the gatherers went out and got it. Today it’s clear that women are making a majority of both home and business purchases. Startups and small…

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100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Women Who Twitter

100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Women Who Twitter

Directories and People

Expand your network and locate specific tweeters using these directories.

Twitterholic: Find out who the most popular Twitter users are at any given moment.
Social Brand Index: Use this directory to find competitors and potential clients on Twitter.
WeFollow: This directory categorizers users by tagging.
Twellow: Twellow is a popular people directory for Twitter users. Search by location,…

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We Are... BIG FUEL

Hello! Big Fuel is a full-service marketing and communications company based in New York that takes brands from Content To Commerce. A unique approach that bridges "people stories" to "product stories" through social media and branded content.

Big Fuel is one part marketing agency, building brands through consumer insight; one part entertainment company, creating content that people love; and one part distribution company, driving guaranteed results by delivering content to targeted audiences. We work with major brands, leading agencies, publishers and platforms to help marketers achieve true consumer engagement.

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