Cool is cool.

Apple has over 7MM Facebook fans without posting anything. Chanel is approaching 900K Twitter followers while barely saying a word. Why do some brands have a cult following? Why does it seem like everything Nike or Google does instantly becomes the day’s hot topic? Why do some brands have to spend millions in time and resources to enter the conversation space, whereas others seem to create conversation in their sleep? It’s because some companies have a history for innovation, fun…

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99 most useful Social Media Blog posts of 2009

Last week Adam Vincenzini published a terrific list of Social Media blog posts from 2009.  Looking through this list, I started thinking about how much has happened over the last year in the world of Social.  As we now enter 2010, there is no doubt that we will see continued exponential growth in what has become a dominant channel of communication.  In fact, eMarketer is projecting that 75% of US Marketers plan to increase their spending in Social Media next year.  Well, if 2010…

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Mobile moms are shopping and buying with Smartphones


I am looking forward to January when my mobile contract is up and I can switch phones as I’m anxious for a Smartphone. Not that I’m anxious to be shopping from it though. And especially not once my shopaholic teenager finds out you can shop from your phone. Black Friday for her was all she needed to send her running to the stores and if that wasn’t enough she came home to boot up the computer and use my credit card for some additional deals.

Jayne O’Donnell of USA Today…

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Social Marketing to Moms: Why Boobs & Butts Will Always Matter In Advertising


There’s been a new wave of advertising in recent weeks that’s caused some folks to run around willy-nilly yelling, “Boobs and butts!  Boobs and butts! Rise up and slay the accursed advertisers!”

Sometimes, I don’t see what the big deal is all about.

An ad like the UK’s Wonderbra casting call appeals to me because it’s a tongue-in-cheek way of getting the message across.

While Holly was turned off by La Difference’s “Perfect Set” TV ad, I got a giggle out…

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Social Marketing to Moms: Twitter Party is The Social Network Version of a Happening

Twitter Party is The Social Network V

Loads of great free fashion stuff to be given away every few minutes during a two hour special Twitter Party hosted by Viva Swag and Daily Dose of Style, by invitation to #DAILYDOSESTYLE

GLENDALE, CA, October 12, 2009 Back in the Hippie Days a Happening was a guerrilla style event, an impromptu and spontaneous demonstration of love, joy and fun. With little or no advance notice, a local park would fill up with freaks and friends. Amidst Frisbee tossing and music, advertisers…

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Plurchase: eCommerce Goes Social (Marketing to Moms)

E-commerce Goes Social

Here’s a great new technology that allows you to shop with your friends, online.  As technology continues to evolve it will enable us all to have more and more interactive experiences as close to reality as possible…virtual reality.  All us Moms out there love to get feedback from our friends, this is a great new tool that allows the use of social interaction in the digital space.  Marketers should take notice — social marketing to women is here and this is just another one of…

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Increasingly Isolated Moms Turn to Social Media for Sustaining Friendships Offline

I was sort of blown away but then again not surprised that the following survey results showed 40% of Moms felt they did not have a best friend. As Mom, you’re whole focus becomes your family and taking care of them which leaves little time for Mom time. I usually turn down people when it comes to going out during the week since there is dinner to be made, a dog to be walked and homework to be done and checked. And if you work, as I do, when the must dos are done, you just don’t feel like…

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Social Marketing to Moms: Women and Wikipedia Don’t Mix

Considering the amount of content and the vast amount of women bloggers on the internet, many were surprised that the latest study from Wikimedia Foundation found only 13% of Wikipedia contributors are women. I’m not so surprised. Posting to Wikipedia is a totally different animal versus expressing yourself on a blog. One is supposed to be fact based and should be researched and stand the test of time, while blogging is a sharing of opinion and personal experience.

According to the…

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Social Marketing to Moms: Women Rule the Social Web


…at least according to an infographic by Information is Beautiful. The stats, compiled by Brian Solis from Google Ad Planner data, show that equal numbers of men and women use sites like LinkedIn, DeviantArt and YouTube.
When it comes to sites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace and Bebo, however, women outnumber men. In fact, there’s only one major holdout for men on the social web: social news site Digg, where 64% of users are male.


That the Digg…

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What You Don’t Know About Marketing to Women


My next read will be “Why She Buys,” by Bridget Brennan, Crown Business, 2009 is a terrific book that just came out in July.

Margie Zable Fisher is the President of Zable Fisher Public Relations, has excerpted all the salient points belo that and I’ve added them to my knowledge bank on marketing to women.

The book covers five global trends driving female consumers, how to create products with a female focus, the fundamentals of selling to women, and more.Here are some key…

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Social marketing to Moms: Arianna Huffington

The Sad, Shocking Truth About How Women Are Feeling

Are we really so unhappy? Have women been getting more and more unhappy since the 1970s? I would really like to know why anyone would want to conduct a study on whether women are happy or not. But that said, if women in general are unhappy, it could explain the rise of social networks and the large amount of women flocking to them. Social networks provide outlets for women to converse, share thoughts and provide support.


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