Catvent 2011 – Weekly Cat Roundup, December 1-9

For those who have not heard about the holiday campaign we’re running with our friends at The Humane Society of NY, you could not have picked a better article to read if you tried. Being a social media agency, Big Fuel has always had a spot in its heart for cats. So, we approached The Humane Society of NY with an idea that would turn the traditional ‘Advent’ calendar on its head… with cat videos.

Not just any cats, however… and not just any videos. We wanted to make historical and holiday themed, studio-quality cat videos for every day in December, and we wanted The Humane Society of NY’s adoptable cats to star in them. The goal was (and is) to get all 31+ cats adopted through the course of December, and make these little guys and gals internet famous in the process. After nine wild days of cats, we thought it appropriate to do a roundup of the cats and videos so far. The full line-up can be found at

December 1: Niselroy and Ziv celebrate Richard Pryor and Woody Allen

We decided to start off our calendar in a big way… with two cats. Double the trouble, double the fun. Twin brothers Niselroy and Ziv seemed up for the task, and they’re celebrating the birthdays of Richard Pryor and Woody Allen (see: iconic thick-framed glasses) with a tribute too beautiful for words… so I won’t even try to talk it up. Status: Adopted!

December 2: Ernie Reenacts Napoleon Bonaparte’s Crowning

Casting a cat that would respect and honor the memory of a man as fierce as Napoleon Bonaparte proved more than difficult, but the people of The Humane Society of NY know their cats. Ernie stuns in his reenactment of the crowning of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte on December 2, 1804. Status: Still waiting for a home!

December 3: Hampton Remembers the Invention of Neon Lighting

Very few cats in our lineup stole the show quite like our little Hampton. Remembering George Claude’s debut of Neon Lighting in 1902, Hampton tells a history lesson worthy of a TED talk… using only his eyes. Status: Still waiting for a home!

December 4: Cody Pens Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

We’re proud of Cody for two reasons. First, scoring a job with Saint Nick isn’t easy, so we want to congratulate Cody for getting the chance to write up Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. Second, he looks better in that hat than any of us ever could. Status: Adopted!

December 5: Doug Has a Drink for Repeal Day

It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to find alcohol illegal one day, and legal the next (save for our 21st birthdays, of course). However, little Doug’s performance of a young man finding liquor once again after so long is one we’ll be writing about for a long time. Status: Still needs a home!

December 6: Gabe Pays a Visit to Naughty Children

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that little Gabe was one of our most difficult actors to work with. After all, he’s playing Saint Nick’s Evil Servant, Knecht Ruprecht… and play it he does. Status: Still needs a home!

December 7: Shiva Celebrates Larry Bird

Shiva storms the court to celebrate the spellbinding career of his biggest idol, Larry Bird… and looks absolutely wonderful doing it. Status: Still needs a home!

December 8: Liam Joins the Deadheads

To capture the true emotion of The Grateful Dead’s reeling fans after their announced break-up on December 8, 1995, we gave Liam the news moments before we recorded this video. How he didn’t know already remains a mystery to us. Status: Still needs a home!

December 9: Chi Chi Soars to the Stars

Chi Chi volunteered to represent one of the most obscure historical events on the calendar – the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope on December 9, 1993. With grace, poise and a set of solar panels, Chi Chi shone brighter than the stars he’s taking pictures of. Status: Still needs a home!

Well, that’s the calendar so far! Make sure you check each day to see a brand new cat video. If you feel them tugging on those heartstrings of yours, don’t fight it. These cats would do anything to be in your life. We hope you’ll take a chance on one! See you next week for a roundup of the next seven cats!



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