Guys, is your hair girl-approved?

Axe has posed this question to guys everywhere, is your hair girl-approved? Backed by research performed by StrategyOne (Edelman), Axe founded that 79% of girls (aged 18 – 24)  think guys don’t know how to style their hair to its full potential whereas 85 % of guys think their hair looks pretty good. This is an interesting problem because it gives both girls and guys the power to do something (i.e. – targeting two different types of consumers for a male hair product). 


The integrated campaign has become a movement, “Axe Hair Crisis Relief” and even has its own microsite: The microsite features the TV commercial (airing now), a way for men to upload their picture and have their hair judged by 100 girls, a link to the Facebook fanpage, and other additions. ick here to visit the site

While I think the idea behind the campaign is great, the execution is not as compelling. The microsite is somewhat confusing and there’s not enough fresh content on the page to keep the target audience interested in returning.

Comment and let us know your thoughts on this campaign!



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  2. Visitor
    01/28 2009

    Sorry but "girls" have pigtails and skip down the street. They are not 18-24 years old unless "boys" refers to males of the same age.

    This IS the 21st century, isn’t it?

  3. Ryan
    02/1 2009

    AXE is doing to guys what people in the marketing biz have done to girls forever.thats making them feel insecure so they purchase a product

    And who is axe even kidding..when guys want a styled haircut they usually end up getting it cut and styled by a FEMALE and they pay good money for it

    AXE wants to put doubt in you and think maybe u do have bad hair and will go out and purchase axe shampoo and you will have great hair lol like using a different shampoo will score you chicks LMAO get real

    The AXE body sprays have maxed out…Time for something different for all the sheep to run out and buy..

  4. Veronika
    02/13 2009

    Looks like MTV might be working with AXE:


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