It began a little over a year ago, my random impulse to revisit the evolution of the video game console. I found the perfect photo chronology that went back to the Odyssey console and went up through the X-Box 360/PS3/Wii. I was truly stoked, forwarded it to a handful of friends and then moved on to action figures. I found the entire Masters of the Universe toy line, listed by year. Same for G.I. Joe and Transformers. I’m not a collector. I don’t bid on this stuff, nor hang it on my walls in its original packaging. I just have a healthy obsession with nostalgia of that sort. And thankfully, there is a cyber-world out there that is as rich in nostalgia as it is in social networking and naming your own price for hotels.

People love to knock the 80’s. They were, after all, very 80’s-ish. But like this and any other decade in our lives, we consumed a whole lot of junk that we would one day forget about. But a lot of what was consumed in the 80’s had a certain quality to it. More variety. More escapism. For example, dolls didn’t actually poop. Video games didn’t resemble actual war. The game Combat didn’t actually look like Saving Private Ryan. It was two painfully slow rectangular objects ( presuming to be tanks ), that chugged along the screen, and you had to ricochet your dot ( not your ammunition ) in order to strike your opposing rectangular object. Good times! Not to discredit realism; like anything it has its place.

And as we are ever consuming, it’s a trip to be able to review what we’ve consumed at all ages and phases of our lives. You must appreciate all of this obscure content. And it’s convenient for the Aliens with access to our world wide web to learn about earth’s pop culture. ( Surely there’s a Martian somewhere who just watched a streaming episode of Fraggle Rock and is now having a Nerf catch with his mates )

So, last week, in one part of the city, someone was checking their stock portfolio, another was comparing airfare for a trip to the Caribbean. I was googling “Castle Greyskull” when I landed at a place called If you follow the links you can watch TV station bumpers and other random spots. You could find much of this easily on YouTube, but it’s a whole other thing to have it all laid out for you in one consolidated location. So I’d like to thank the people out there who strangely have the Channel 9 Sunday Afternoon Movie Marquee in their possession and have taken the time to convert and upload it so that I may have something to amuse myself with when I am done checking my local five-day forecast, because nothing winds you down from checking the future than a dip into your past.



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