The power of a well-placed tweet wins mom a Super Bowl extravaganza.

I meet a lot of interesting people through Twitter. It’s my favorite social network. And I love hosting Twitter parties. But yesterday I met someone that blew my mind. Shenikwa Medlock, also known as Cedar Hill Mom, attends about 36 Twitter parties a week. Yes, you read that right, 36 parties a week! She’s won an apron, cutting boards, bracelet, and magazine subscriptions from some of the parties she’s attended.

But Shenikwas doesn’t just love Twitter because of Twitter parties, Twitter has been a great problem solver and support system. Shenikwa is a SAHM of four children, one of whom had a severe speech delay and moderate articulation issues. She sent out a tweet that connected her with a mom who helped with all the ins and outs of getting her daughter the care she needed, dealing with the different agencies and how to get her placed in the public school system. She attributes the information she got from Twitter with saving her family from bankruptcy in dealing with her daughter’s challenges. A private school education ($54,000 a year not including books and fees) would have been upwards of $65,000-$70,000 a year. The private therapy is $50.00 a day with a 5 day minimum (not including any miscellaneous fees). Private therapy is 2 hour (round trip). Multiplied over a week it’s 10 hours commuting a week. It just wasn’t an option. Financially…it would have been a hardship.

But I’m not done with the Twitter stories and Shenikwa.

Shenikwa’s family lives in the Dallas area so they naturally love football and watch football. Every couple of years Shenikwa and her family host a big, blowout Super Bowl party for about 40-50 people. (She has a very big family.) At this year’s event, Chevy sent out a tweet asking for fans to share their ideal Super Bowl ingredient for a great party and using the hashtag #SBParty. And Shenikwa’s tweet was chosen.

On game day Shenikwa and her family were surprised not only with enough party ingredients for 50 guests, but that they arrived in the back of a brand new Chevy Silverado and presented to her by Chef Guy Fiere.

If you want to connect and congratulate Shenikwa, you can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and of course, Twitter. “I’m on them all the time on my mobile. My husband hated it. It drove him crazy. Now he’s a little bit cooler about it, and he’s not giving me such a hard time about it.”

I love how 140 characters truly has the power to change lives.



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