Why I #LoveNYC

One of the many reasons why I personally #loveNYC is its passion for embracing technology, social media and digital progression overall.  Everything from sponsored hackathons to incubators for tech start-ups has flooded the city. New York City has quickly adopted the name Silicon Alley for these reasons.

Social media has become a huge part of New York City’s online visibility. The city’s Chief Digital Officer, Rachel Stern has initiated a social media campaign for New York City that includes an official Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Tumblr page. NYC.gov even hosted a hackathon to relaunch the NYC.gov website. New York City truly understands not just the importance of social media but technology as a whole. Since Stern’s hiring, there has been a tremendous amount of visibility into the digital advancements that the city is embracing.

The city recently held a photo submission contest through Facebook in partnership with Instagram simply entitled, #loveNYC. Contestants simply had to show why they loved NYC by posting pictures on Facebook with the hashtag #loveNYC.

As soon as I read about the contest, I started going through my backlog of Instagram and Facebook photos from last year tagging them for the contest.  There were so many pictures that embodied the reasons why I #loveNYC, it was hard selecting which pictures were the best representation.

At the end, the campaign received 1900 submissions.  Notable judges include Jen Bekman, Mal Sherlock, Rachel Stern, Spencer Tucker, and Willy Wong. Judges had the daunting task of choosing only 10 photos to be in the final running.

Once the top 10 images were selected, voting opened up to the Facebook community.  Of particular note with the initial voting process, was the option to like AND dislike an image resulting in some images showing a negative tally.  Once members of the Facebook community complained about this being unfair to the finalists, the voting process was changed.  That alone speaks volumes to me.  It truly shows that the city is listening to members of the community, even if it was on a minor scale comparatively.

Ultimately there can only be one winner, and that winner was announced on April 17, 2012.  Congrats to Milton Washington for the winning image below.



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