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Twitter Tunes, LinkedIn News and the rest of This Week in Social Media


Why spend hours scouring the web when all the info you need is right below? Here’s everything important from this week in everything social. Did I miss anything? Send me an email:

1. Twitter Introduces a Music App – First video, now music. Twitter isn’t stopping until no piece of content is untweetable. Similar to Vine, the app will be a stand-alone music player that draws content from sources like Soundcloud and suggests new tracks based on data derived from user activity. One thing we can safely assume is that the new app will push to Twitter and tracks will be playable straight from the body of a Tweet. The 140 character limit will always loom, but Twitter is determined to make certain that lack of copy will never mean lack of content. Because leaving the platform is just not quick enough for the speed of culture.

2. LinkedIn Makes a Big Acquisition  Keeping pace with the competition, LinkedIn made a huge move of its own this week, officially acquiring news aggregator Pulse for a cool $90 million. It’s unclear how LinkedIn expects to use their brand new toy, but with the recent demise of Google Reader, they could be looking to upgrade their stream to be more rich content-heavy and less update-driven. Can LinkedIn become more than just a place to stick your resume? Time will tell.

 3. Vine Introduces Trending Topics – If you’re like me, you’re finding that no matter how many people you follow on Vine, there’s just not enough content to provide a steady stream. Enter the trending hashtag. Similar to its parent company Twitter, Vine has now introduced a Trending Hashtag tab that will allow users to enter a portal filled with content and not have to rely solely on who they follow to keep their stream populated. It should serve as a means for find new handles worth following and a great way for brands to intercept popular conversation topics with media-rich content. Vine provides the capability to create content with practically no creative limitations (other than 6.5 seconds of course), and it will be interesting to see which brands can rise to the top while the conversation continues to grow.

4. Tumblr Overhauls Android App – Not to be left out, on Monday Tumblr announced a series of updates to its Android app. In addition to completely redesigning the app’s interface, the blogging platform introduced a new function now popularly dubbed the “post anything” screen, which allows users to conveniently post videos, chats, links, quotes, photos and text directly from their mobile device, further solidifying the social network’s reputation as the easiest place to post anything. But Tumblr did not stop there. Advanced controls have also been introduced such as the ability to save drafts, schedule posts and customize Tweets. Looks like the Facebook and Twitter folks aren’t the only ones turning up the heat!

5. Facebook Status Updates Expand If you follow the Big Fuel blog, you already know that Facebook is beginning to roll out emotions and activity tags on status updates. If you’re just checking in now, the functionality allows users to update their status like normal while also checking into a variety of activities (e.g. reading a book, watching a movie, drinking a drink) or their current emotional state complete with associated emoticons. It’s too early to say for sure, but we think Facebook might have finally bridged the real-time gap with this one. If your product falls into one of the new activity categories, get ready for what could become the most important metric in social.




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