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The largest and most recent shift in the social media landscape has been a move towards location-based conversation, networking and socializing. Whether we’re checking in to make sure the whole world knows that we received one of only 150 wristbands to see Iron & Wine play their new record in Soho’s Apple Store (I don’t mean to brag of course), or we’re attempting to draw pity and sympathy from people who find out that we’ve been waiting in line in Brooklyn’s Ikea for 14 hours, our check-ins and statuses nowadays seem to be just as much about location as they are about content.

While burgeoning geo-tagging based platforms such as Foursquare and Facebook Places are based completely on where we go, what we do, and whom we do it with in the real world, another type of social media platform is also on the rise. Taking the idea of geo-tagging oneself one step further is a new start-up based right here in New York City called DailyFeats. Their tagline is impressively simple: “Go Do Good.” The idea is even simpler: that doing good should be rewarding.

Still in its beta testing phase, DailyFeats has seen a surge of growth recently, and has gone through numerous facelifts and UI updates since. The site acts as both a place to check in good things you do in real life to benefit yourself, others, the community or the environment as well as a place to be encouraged by others to do more through conversation.

Whether you volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, take a walk somewhere with no cement anywhere around you (an unbelievable challenge in New York City), or simply drink a glass of orange juice (whether full of pulp or pulp free – they  don’t discriminate against texture drinkers… class folks), if it’s good for you or others, you can check it in. The incentive? The site offers a points system that awards you some pretty awesome rewards through a variety of big-name partners (1-800-Flowers, WWF, Hilton Hotels and more). The more you check in, the better the rewards are. Drink a whole lot of green tea and get an Amazon gift card? All of the introductory logic classes we tried our best to get out of in college are begging us not to argue with that. What’s more, the system is based entirely on honesty. Talk about a site that respects and trusts its users.

Is this the future of social media… a place to go to better yourself, others and the world around you through online conversation and real world action? With the recent surge of sites like DailyFeats and the rising number of awareness and ‘fundraising for good’ campaigns on sites like Twitter and Facebook, it definitely looks promising. What do you think?



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