Days from Christmas: Grab an app and get ‘er done.

Why couldn’t we leave well enough alone and leave Thanksgiving Day right where it belongs, in October, when the pilgrims celebrated their harvest and Canadians eat turkey? This would have given us all of November to relax, take family photos, make/write Christmas cards in between our leisurely, enjoyable shopping trips to the mall.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve just polished off your last spoonful of leftovers when you panic and realize you’ve done it again: you’re behind schedule, giftless, and haven’t written a single card.

Grab your phone and call on these magical little Christmas helpers.

What if you could get your Christmas cards written at the single press of a button? ShootIt is an all around savior for sending printed, personalized cards in the mail, fast.  Just snap a photo on your phone – say a family pic, or this year’s Santa’s lap shot– select it from within the ShootIt app, then add names from your contacts who you’d like to receive it.  Create a single generic message, hit send, and it’s delivered to your whole list. Printed, stamped and mailed. Keep this app handy all year round for personalized thank yous, birthdays or suck-up cards. Or whatever.

If you’re trying to remember what you bought everyone last year, download Christmas List and refresh your memory. Enter your list, then add ideas, purchases as well as the gifts people have given you—so you don’t make that dreaded regifting faux pas. Good news is when next year rolls around, you’ll have it all handy. Just keep adding.

If you do find time to squeeze in a few holiday parties, make sure you
give FatBooth a whirl, so you don’t over extend yourself on cookies
and fruitcake. This is one of the most frighteningly realistic virtual weight-gaining
makeovers you’ll ever see of yourself. Just line-up the circular outline with your
mug and watch the happy hamburger chop out a fat new you. Save,
print and tape to your fridge. Heck print two and keep one in your
wallet. It’s a great reminder to back away from the treat table.

One lucky extra. If it really gets down to the wire, and there’s no time for
postage, or much of anything else, here’s a way to be uber cool, as if
you intentionally held out all along. Look digitally savvy with
Google’s latest Google Stories. (Yeah, Google it) Just put in a few
search words to create your own personal mini movie/Christmas card on
YouTube. Then share the link with your friends and your family. It’s a Christmas card they’re sure to remember.

‘Appy Holidays!!!!



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  2. Karen
    12/15 2010

    Love it! I remember your showing me FatBooth and it would definitely help you not eat too much…


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