Did We Just Say That?


Not what you would expect to “hear” your first day at Digital Boot camp. But alas, we all had to stand up and say “Vagina”. The funny thing is, at least 90% of the participants were female and the person leading the discussion was male. It was the elephant in the room when Michael Leslie, the Associate Creative Director for Organic, was talking about “U” by Kotex. So this is how we started off Digital Boot camp, by standing up and collectively saying “vagina,” then standing awkwardly until he told us we could sit down. Now you might be asking yourself: “What is digital boot camp and why has the word ‘vagina’ now been used FOUR times in this blog post?” The answer to the first question is not as easy to answer, however, the answer to number two is simply because I can use the word “vagina” (#5 for those keeping count).

I was accompanied by two colleagues of Big Fuel, Kristen Marzonie (Community Manager) and Tania Garcia (Account Coordinator), the three of us were selected to participate in this digital boot camp sponsored by 313 Digital. The idea behind digital boot camp is to provide up-and-comers in the digital advertising industry some insight behind all facets of the industry (hmm, now that I think about it, it was easy to answer).

So it was our first day at boot camp this evening and it took place at an artificial building home to Organic. It was a nice set up starting out with dinner and then a small presentation about Organic and their success with the “U” campaign for Kotex. After the presentation ended, we were introduced to Lizz Linabury, an interactive strategist from Campbell-Ewald. Lizz was the keynote speaker of the night and her topic was focused on creative. She took an interesting and fresh approach about the topic and provided some excellent insights (and two great quotes). Ultimately, it is the learning of the process and how every member of the team (not just creative) from Account to Quality Assurance play a key role in allowing the execution to see the light of day.

We ended the first session with an ice-breaker. This seemed fitting as everyone was in their own little work cliques. We each had to ask three people three different questions. Then after we collected our answers, each person, one-by-one would stand up and those who talked with him or her would provide one little insight (or better yet, an answer) to one of the questions they answered. This proved to be slightly helpful as our next session (in two weeks) will not only be two speakers, but us breaking into teams for a little project. They have promised there will be no homework…

Stay Tuned for Digital Boot Camp II: No Man Left Behind coming to blog near you on/around 9/20/11.



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