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Big Fuel listed as 1 of 10 hot creative agencies to watch…

iMedia Connection’s Michael Estrin posted an article today listing 10 “hot creative agencies to watch” — and what do you know, there was Big Fuel… Thanks for the props Michael!

Article Highlights:

  • Many big agencies are making a play to go digital without being truly in the space
  • The digital industry is seeing a disintegration between brilliant creative people and brilliant technologists
  • The key is keeping existing/prospective clients off the track of following hype

Above all else, getting serious about digital means getting serious about creative, whether you’re talking about a simple banner ad or a cutting-edge viral campaign. After all, big ideas move successful campaigns in any medium, and the web is no exception.

But as larger agencies struggle to redefine themselves in the lean-and-mean digital ecosystem, a grassroots army of smaller, specialty shops is raising eyebrows. Some work on assignment from larger agencies, but others have begun taking ownership of the client relationship for themselves. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are some of the independent agencies that made us stand up and take notice with campaigns and ideas that push web creative forward.

Big Fuel

Agency Details:
One part think-tank for brand strategy and one part entertainment company, Big Fuel sees itself as the go-to agency for building user engagement. To date, it has worked with a diverse group of brands from FOX and NBCU to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Something Cool:
Some brands do media buys, others make media, which is exactly what Big Fuel did for Neutrogena’s “One Less Stress” campaign. Building on a successful Spring Break event, Big Fuel got teen girls using Neutrogena to audition for a web-based reality show that details a range of issues young women must face. Throughout the series, Neutrogena was positioned as the product that helps teenage girls reduce and manage their daily stresses.

The Most Exciting Thing About Digital Right Now?
“These are exponential times — from the way content is being consumed to the dramatic shift in audience control when it comes to marketing and advertising messages — and there is a need for new methods of engaging with consumers,” says Big Fuel founder Avi Savar. “This need is driven by new channels of communication and more audience fragmentation. Where it gets really exciting it that independent creative shops have tremendous opportunity to make a dramatic impact. Smaller agencies are able to leverage new technology, new media platforms, efficiencies in production process, etc., to do a lot more for brands with a lot less money — and typically in a third of the time. The opportunity to do great work while pioneering new ways of thinking is truly exciting.”




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