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According to Clay Shirkey, a teacher within the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, due to programs such as Facebook and Twitter, there is no more privacy. Shirkey delves into this topic deeper by saying that this negatively influences kids and adults; however, for different reasons. In today’s society, where is the wiggle room to misbehave? Kids need that, according to Shirkey. No one is perfect. These social communication platforms have made it that much more difficult for kids to “color outside the lines.” Shirkey encourages adults (i.e. parents, employers, etc.) to look the other way. He believes that kids’ private and personal lives are no one else’s business and it can disadvantage both parties to pry.

Although I agree with Shirkey in some respects, I want to add that Shirkey is forgetting about marketers. It would be and has been extremely beneficial for marketers to stick their noses where they do not belong. What better way to target? In the case of consumer engagement and social media, it would be helpful for the marketer to take advantage of this lack of privacy. Consumer engagement is all about figuring out the consumer’s interest and developing a marketing technique or campaign that would allow them to interact with the content. Good ways for marketers to discover this personal information is through these programs. While I agree that kids need their privacy and sometimes it is necessary to “color outside the lines” and that perhaps it would benefit adults to look the other way in certain instances, this lack of privacy is beneficial to marketers and allow them to get to know their consumers better, helping them create content the consumer can enjoy and thus engage with.

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