Best Practices For Building Your Facebook App… Brands listen up.

Facebook Apps for Dummies

The Sociable blog posted a good article listing some best practices in Facebook application development. Considering 400,000 applications are already scheduled on Facebook. And not all applications are created equal — the conception and the implementation have to be perfect to drive success. So, here are some important things to remember while developing your new Facebook application.

1. Importance of idea : This stage is of utmost importance. The business idea on which the Facebook is being developed should be exclusive, unique and scalable. The idea should have a social significance.

2. Participation from all : The Facebook application should involve all its users in such a way that people of all age group can make use of the application and enjoy its usage.

3. Usefulness : The application should have utility fort all its users. For example, online availability of a car pool application promotes car pool by recording normal car routes and suggesting pool partners.

4. Individual information : A good Facebook application should make the user capable of sharing their personal information with other users. This could mean their hobbies, photos, interest, blogs, video content and ideas, etc… remember that Facebook is a website that promotes social networking. The users of this social networking website feel proud of sharing their personal information with others so that they will be able to get exposure to the outside world.

5. Faith : The Facebook application should be such that every user develops faith and trust in your application. The information that is shared by users in the application should not be misused or shared with others until the writer gives consent to it. If the personal information of the writer is misused the faithfulness of your application will be spoiled because of which you might have to face a huge loss.

6. Fair deal : A Facebook user should not be cheated during any stage of using the Facebook application. Although the purpose of making and using them is commercial, but the customers should be charged only after getting specific consent from him.

7. Personal Info : Usually Facebook users place only that information that is to be disclosed to other users. However, the application should restrain from seeking personal information from users. In case it is necessary take care that it is not shared publicly.



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  2. 12/8 2009

    Nice tips!I m developing a facebook application and its useful for me. Thanks.


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