Gillette Presents: How to Shave Your…

Gillette, a company that sells a variety of body products, along with the well known Gillette razors, sponsors videos and games to promote their products. Such promotions include their “Young Guns” game, where they encourage consumers to race Nascars online. By playing, the consumer is entered in a contest to win Nintendo Wii games and products from none other than… Gillette! One game? How measley. But no! Gillette has provided an entire game room on their site, partnering with EA Sports, IGN, Game Spot, and Giant Realm to provide news and strategies on the games.

But Gillette did not stop there. They launched a variety of comedic “styling videos” that include different settings and themes (i.e. giving a presentation in a board room, playing in a band, etc.). Before each scenario takes place, there is a man who needs to get ready and fix his hair. Using an angel vs. devil parady, there is a “voice of reason” (vying for a Gillette product, thus acting as the angel) on one shoulder and another guy with messy hair perched on the other shoulder. After making both of their arguments, the viewer is supposed to choose the better product (hmm…I wonder if they want you to choose Gillette‘s product?) and after doing so, the man in the video demonstrates how to use it. The video then cuts to board room or concert and plays out a positive scenario.

Gillette marketers have not lost their sense of humor with their hilarious instructional video on Youtube. This video, entitled How To Shave Your Groin, instructs men on how to shave their groin, while using an animated man to give them the full picture. Gillette launched these social media campaigns, including this instructional shaving video, by targeting men and getting them involved with the content. What better way to enable people to buy their products other than comdey, entertainment, and interaction?

Check out the microsite here.


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