Is it strange to love a marketing discipline?

I love social media.

I’ve worked across many disciplines. I’ve worked at a sales promotion agency and got to figure out how to make beach towels into hanging displays. I worked at a design firm and learned how to distinguish 5 point type from 6 point type and how a lettershop runs. I had a brief stint on the client side for a fashion catalog and got to make models do ridiculous poses. I did the first bind-in card for American Express Gold Card when that thought was appalling to the very stature of the card. I created a direct response TV spot that was turned into a traditional spot–unheard of. I’ve done a website where the artwork was found from scouring the web and contacting quilters and crafters all over America. I’ve done a lot of things. And many of them were very exciting.

But nothing like social media, which I love. And no – I don’t think I need a social media intervention.

Why do I love social media?

It’s wonderfully challenging and complicated.
And most clients are asking for engagement at mass. The world is global, and not everyone flocks to the same social networks.People around the world are time-starved and suffer a bit from attention-deficit. Through all of this, we can still measure social media and make it accountable.

It’s all about people’s passions.
Social is emotional. It’s real humans talking in a two-way dialogue. How fun is that?

Social is evolving at the speed of culture.
I sincerely believe social keeps you young and connected to trends and culture: books, music, politics and more. My 83-year-old mother has an iPad, on which she checks her e-mail and plays today’s top games…shocking everyone who sees her using it.

Social is changing at the speed of technology.
You have to stay on your toes to keep up with it. You’re always learning and never bored.

Social has it’s own crazy, yet endearing language.
From hashtags to bashtags, to truncated letters and code.

You can meet the most amazing people and hear their stories.
People who you would never met otherwise. Social in many respects erases race, age, cultures and geography. I love talking to someone in Kenya one minute, Canada the next, and often office co-workers on Twitter during office hours (which is so bizarre!)

You can make a difference.
Social gives you the platform to discuss and bring issues to light, to raise awareness and raise funds and connect with like-minded advocates around the world and in your own backyard. Through social good efforts I’ve met the most amazing women including celebrities, which never really happened in my past more traditional marketing positions.

I just plain adore social media. Do you?



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  2. 04/28 2012

    I think you’re loving an activity that just happens to be usable as a marketing discipline.

    The biggest mistake that people make in defining social networking/social media is to believe that it’s something that didn’t exist before the internet. Social is just being sociable, and sharing things with our wide circle of friends. Digital social media just expands our capacity to do so, rather than creating the medium itself.

    I love social media too. It’s a happy coincidence that it has a (peripheral, in my case) relation to my work, but I’d enjoy it in any case.


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