The Day After Earth Day

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Earth day is a joke…

…And not the kind of funny-funny-ha-ha jokes that go viral in social media; more the kind where you’re loudly vocalizing your celebration of some thing and someone else says, “that’s such a joke, dude.”  In a flash you see the other perspective and are left feeling underdressed and silly for your high-hollerin’ stance on the matter. You know, like when Michelle was so expressive about the wonders of bandcamp while everyone else was snickering around her.

That Earth Day is a joke, dude.  What…you don’t agree?  Gimme a sec.

First, let’s get this little one point out there: EVERY day is EARTH day.

Yep, there is no single, especially special Earth Week, Earth Day, or Earth Hour. Nope, there is actually a full calendar of 365 Gregorian days plus 6 extra hours (to help humans line up with solar reality) that are happening right now for each of us. Every one counts just as much as another one.

Second, most of the activities for “Earth Moment” hurt the cause.

Except for real rehab projects like river clean-ups and ewaste recycling efforts, the results of which we hope don’t make it to a certain hole in China, most the of the activities on Earth Week and Earth Day will unwittingly create added waste. During most of the nation’s concerts, earth fairs, and celebratory fests, people will drive to the event, buy organic food served in polystyrene (#6), collect non-degradable plastic give-aways like dog Frisbees that boast an “earth friendly” company logo and throw away this-crap-will-sit-in-a-landfill-for-1000yrs-after-I-use-it-for-5-minutes trash in the form of cups, straws, bags, and more.

Third, there needs to be a third.  Things are better in threes.  Wait, wait, hold it, hold it… oh yeah, the Trinity.  Earth Day does not get to be the day to forgive a full year’s worth of unearthly sins.

For many of us, Earth Day is a guilt-lifting, sing-along service where joiners can band together and hope that advancements in technology will overcome pollution from “the man”.

Oops! Guess what?  Everyone either is “the man,” pays for stuff made by “the man” or gets paid by “the man.”  So, if the idea is that screaming green on Earth Hour/Day/Week/Month provides absolution from not recycling, forgetting to bring our own cup/bag/bottle, driving 2 blocks to the store, and more, we’d better think again, and again, and again… for the rest of the year.

Now, how can a Debbie-downer of a posting ridiculing any type of Earth Moment possibly make its way to a social media agency blog site? OH, IT CAN.  Mother Earth is in fact very social.  Look out now… The Word is on the nets.

For those who want to join as an active member of “EARTH ALWAYS”, an imaginary fellowship that meets in the minds of inhabitants on the third rock from the sun, dedicated to unearthing stewardly behavior tips, tools, and resources from social media sites, link up by:

  1. Applying what you read about being green – it’s the little things:
  2. Re-posting good stuff from these sites on your own pages:
  3. Downloading these Apps:
  4. Following these Twitter feeds:
  5. Liking this post

Keep in mind being green requires daily discipline since we are all born a little destructive.

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  2. William Mullin
    04/23 2012

    I wish everyone took the same attitude as the writer here. Great angle and good resources to help the earth everyday!

  3. 04/23 2012

    Nice job! Witty, clever, timely…and not soo sappy.

  4. Jonee
    04/25 2012

    So true! It’s Earth Day 365 Days a year!


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