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Customization and Simplicity top trendy talk’s list of 2008, yet 2009 is clearly about Clarity. Two topics filling tech news pages everywhere use Clarity as their arrow guided straight to your wallet.


  • Search with My Location–Google’s mobile app with voice search
  • Clear–Verified Identity Pass’ subscription based card to cut airport security lines

Through graphics, color scheme and language, both highlight a clean and unthreatening opportunity; adding only ease to your life.

One Big Fuel team member clarifies her thought process toward whether or not to download an app. “My phone should simplify my life. Unecessary apps equal clutter.”

Google ensures typing will no longer slow you down, while your competitor whizzes by eye on the prize. What’s the word from first-hand voice search users?

Visarga on relays insight based on personal experience.
“Said “Bucharest” -> got “Eucharist”Said “*****” -> got “Clock” LOLZ”

draggosh counters.
“”Bucharest” worked for me. Try speaking with a different accent ;)”*****” obviously doesn’t work…”

John Markoff’s story Google, iPhone and the Future of Machines That Listen sparked a mixed conversation. Some commentators looked past the present glitches to see technology’s next step.

“People don’t communicate via speech alone, inflection, eye contact and emotion play into it. there are some experimental speech recognition now that tie spoken speech with a video camera and other bioiinfomatic input. That is the future.”

The verdict is still out on how clearly iPhone hears us.

Search with My Location and the Clear card work by attaining information about the user. Both companies are in a tug-of-war in front of their audience between privacy and benefits. By carefully explaining the benefits and openly displaying their privacy protection policies, they are attempting to avoid the issue of our privacy completely. Regardless, the murky question of personal privacy stands out in contrast to the clean and clear presentation by both companies. states, “We take your privacy seriously and have designed Search with My Location so that it doesn’t associate your location with any personally identifiable information, even if you are logged in.” states, “We are committed to the transparency of our privacy practices. That’s why we have instituted open, independent checks on our privacy promises, including an independent and public security and privacy audit, the appointment of an independent privacy ombudsman, and an unprecedented Clear Identity Theft WarrantyTM.”

Is all this clarity infringing our privacy? Or are we accessing new technologies quicker than they can be clarified?

Comment to clear up or cloudy the issue.



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