Creating a Social Media Value Funnel to increase ROI


In this post I want to walk through a few steps in creating a social marketing funnel that leads to meaningful ROI.

Matching the demo with the channel – First you have to decide on a channel that offers the greatest chance that your message will be socialized.  That means picking content and platforms that fit the format of the way people with active followings in your desired demographic communicate to their respective followers.  For example,  if you are Burton trying to build awareness around a breakthrough in their snowboard technology you would probably look to get your message into the hands of enthusiasts who could create and share the content in video form and distribution across those channels.

Bake relevancy into your content – You have to ask yourself what your target is thinking about as they move through their day and create content that relates to that thought process.  Most mother’s don’t wake up thinking about which toothpaste has more whitening ability but they might be thinking about how best to care for their baby’s teeth.

Provide utility for demographic – By creating shareable tools that are of use to the audience and also makes sense for the brand to be involved, you create a symbiotic relationship between the user and the branding.  Nationwide did an great branded iPhone app that takes some of the the drama out of being a fender bender.

Choose measurable platforms – Make sure you can measure the activity in a way that can provide insight to how the target is interacting with the content.  Remember analytics is not analysis. Once you have the date you must interpret it wisely.



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    [link to post] 4 things to consider when designing social media initiatives.

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    Creating a #Social_Media_Value_Funnel to increase #ROI [link to post] via @bigfuel @poochclub @seetheraction @olivemedia

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  4. Nehal
    12/29 2009

    Choosing the platform is interesting because many organizations assume that all social networks are worth the time and effort. If money is tight within the business, which it probably is, I believe it’s a better idea to focus on a platform where more of your target market is likely to react and more importantly, pass on the information.

    I have a question though Sam, what are your thoughts on the unmeasurable? The strength of a relationship can’t really be measured. Is there a way to gauge if your social media efforts are making an impact in your prospective clients’ world?



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