Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Platform For A New Web.

With the web advancing in a new direction, Google is seizing the opportunity to create a new way to communicate via the web called Google Wave. Google Wave is thought of as modern-day email that will satisfy web browsers in today’s world, where an abundance of information is available at an individual’s fingertips. This new development is claimed to put traditional instant messaging and email to shame, as it provides for easy navigation and use while communicating. The Wave includes a navigation sidebar and underneath that provides the user’s Google contacts. However, the inbox dominates the screen with pictures of the user’s friends who participate in threads and notifications alerting to any type of new content in those threads. Replying to threads and messages have never been easier, according to Google. The user may respond below a friend’s comment whether they are online available to chat or not. Heck, he or she can take it one step farther and respond to only one part of the message by replying straight under that section. It’s not taking advantage, if Google‘s asking for it! They also make adding friends or coworkers a fun feature, by providing the ability to drag their pictures into the thread. But, won’t the newly added friend be lost as to what is occurring in the thread? Not with “playback”: a feature that allows the friend to see all that they have missed. But, where does instant messaging come in? If two people in one thread are online, they are able to instant message and click “Draft” to prevent the other person from seeing that they are typing, if they prefer. However, if a one-on-one conversation is desired while multiple people are online, private conversations can be held within the context of the rest of The Wave. Another feature that students and other individuals fascinated by the wiki will love, allows group-editing, outlining the name of the person who is editing at the moment to prevent confusion. Pictures, GoogleMaps, invitations, and games can also be included by dragging them into the wave box if a browser with Gears is installed. However, this feature is what prevents the wave from fully operating with modern technology (it is not able to interact with other web browsers used today without add-ons).

Google encourages people to use waves across all sites on the internet, not just one. Developers play a huge part in this, as Google is hoping that they will be able to enhance the wave, creating gadgets, sites, and so on all revolving around the concept of the wave. Hey, this is the new thing! It deserves to be the center of attention. In order for waves to be interactive, Google is attempting to make it an open source. They want people to build and expand on the whole idea of the wave. Their point is creating a new communication platform used by individuals and companies all over the internet.

However, although already combining tons of communication and technology and advancing what is already present, a lot of work is still needs to be done to get this new method of communication on it’s feet and up and running.

Wow, I would say that it is surprising that Google has managed to create such a diverse communication platform brimming with new ideas and combining traditional ideas in order to enhance them, when there is already so much modern technology out there. You would think that they run out of steam and brainpower. However, how can one be surprised? Apple, Google, IBM, you name it, they are out there constantly imposing new ideas on consumers and thrusting them out in the world to be played with. Surprising? No. Impressive and slightly exhausting, yes. I believe that they make the world of communication a better place. Communicating via technology is not as personal as physical contact, but it allows one to expand his or her horizons. It allows people to keep in touch, transcending time and space in order to do it. If anything, it certainly keeps interaction exciting, interesting, and constantly changing and advancing.

This new communication platform will probably be huge, engulfing teens, companies, and new adults as they discover this new method of communication. After learning about new technologies, people are more eager to find something simpler…the next new thing.  Google Wave?

Written by, Alexandra Vojdany, Big Fuel Communications

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