Klout Scores, Facebook Politics and the rest of This Week in Social Media


The past week brought a fresh batch of channel developments. Under any other context, this would be considered a busy week, but in our realm, this is as boring as it gets, which is not boring at all as far as we’re concerned. As if there is ever a dull moment in social media! Did we miss anything? Let us know. E-mail: tarirai.chivore@bigfuel.com.

1. Facebook Adds the ‘Reply’ Option to Comments – Community managers worldwide rejoiced on Monday when Facebook introduced a new feature that allows users to reply directly to comments left on a post. This will allow any comment responses to be curated under that specific comment so that users don’t have to sift through hundreds if not thousands of comments to tie a conversation together. The site will also be prioritizing comments based on engagement so that the most active and popular comments rank at the top.

2. Facebook Opens News Feed to Targeted Brand Posts – Following the Monday update, Facebook dropped another update on Wednesday, this time specifically focusing on brand posts appearing in the News Feed. The new feature lets brands target users for status updates that don’t appear on their brand pages. The whole idea is for brands to still target subsets of their audiences without alienating other members of their audience.

3. Facebook goes Red in Support of Gay Marriage – Solidifying social media as a tool for social movements, Facebook went red on Wednesday. Coinciding with the Supreme Court review of Proposition 8, which outlaws same-sex marriage in California, the Human Rights Campaign launched a profile picture of their traditional logo in red. The photo went viral receiving 65,000 shares and 20,000 likes as of Wednesday morning, and giving Facebook users a way to show support for a cause by sharing and adding the photo as a profile picture.

4. Klout Includes Instagram in its Scoring Algorithm – Wondering how you got that recent bump in your Klout score? Pipe down, you did not turn into a social media guru overnight. On Thursday, Klout announced that it would be boosting its integration with both Bing and Instagram. The announcement included the launch of a feature in Bing that would show Klout scores for select people. On the Instagram side, Klout announced that it would now be incorporating Instagram activity into your score. Hooray for those #tbt Instagram pics that you’ve been posting!

5. LinkedIn Announces Upgrades to Search – Not to be outdone, LinkedIn also made an announcement this week. The professional social network is upgrading its search function with new features such as improved autocomplete, suggested phrasing supported by a new algorithm, integrated search across different product categories and an improved ability to save searches. For a professional social network that takes the networking role seriously, this is a welcome upgrade as users use the service more to discover colleagues and companies, hunt for jobs and present their credentials.

6. Google+ adds Photo Editing, Post Tweaks, Location and Community Controls for Mobile – If you are not taking mobile seriously, you should probably start! Google+ this week announced upgrades to its mobile experience for both Android and iOS. On the list of these upgrades include photo editing, enhanced community controls that allow users to control noise, location features on profiles and enhanced navigation controls. Clearly the folks at Google understand that we’re spending more time tapping on our smartphones, and they want all that tapping to be within their network!



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  2. 03/29 2013

    I’m interested to see how adoption of Facebook’s comment threading feature fares. It could be clunky at first if some users use it (thereby changing the order of original comments) and others don’t. Conversations could get fragmented in the beginning. But I’m sure it’s something FB has tested… right?


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