Moms would love to be fingerprinted.

I usually go to the gym carrying my keys because my gym has to swipe the key tag on it. But now they have a fingerprint imaging system. All I do is lay my pointer finger on the pad till it blinks green and I’m in! No more search and destroy missions in the early morning to find my keys. My ID is with me everywhere I go.

Just imagine if every store had fingerprint imaging. Purses all across America would become infinitely lighter. We would also cut down on the spread of disease. Just think how many hands have touched your keys and the key tags on the ring in order to swipe your card? It must be teeming with germs.

My doctor has a similar scanner that reads my palm. Behind my palm is all my medical information ready to be pulled up at an instant. If only I could port the information over to any new doctors so I wouldn’t have to fill out all those reams of paperwork.

But seriously this is the kind of thing women love–convenience literally at our fingertips (or palms).

It falls into the same category as smartphones and apps.

It’s a little thing that makes life a bit simpler.

So if you’re a brand looking to connect with us, think simplicity. Look at your forms, look at your user experience, and look at how easy it is for your customer to place orders or look at what a consumer has to do to get in touch with someone in customer service. If you get that right along with a great product for a good value and you’ll find brand loyalty falls right in place with it. And that’s something every brand would love to have under their thumb.



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