The Third Screen Comes Alive

Recent release:

“SlingPlayer Mobile lets you watch and control your home TV and DVR via your Slingbox on your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, or Symbian smartphones.” (And soon to be iPhone, iPhone3G and iPod Touch).

Now more than ever, video content will be accessible in places that no one could have imagined. And lets not forget, not just any video content…YOUR video content. The possibility of sharing and experiencing live, rich, professionally produced content is now in your pocket and at your finger tips anytime and ANYWHERE!

What does this mean for advertisers and marketers?

First, this means that you can be with your consumer anywhere in places you could have never before imagined! Second, as users begin to consume content in more places — whether in transit, waiting rooms, or just about anywhere, it is very likely that the average viewing time will decrease significantly. That said, the content that the user will likely call up to their devices will have to be aligned with what is conducive to their viewing environment. Not necessarily in regards to the appropriateness of the content (headphones and small screens create privacy) but more likely, the length of the content.

At the end of the day, regardless to what effect this has on the type and length of content that people will consume, the bottom line is that the ease and accessibility can only be a win win for the media, entertainment and advertising industry as a whole. Easier access to content = easier access to consumers. Thanks, SlingMedia!



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