Veronica Mars, Facebook Hashtags and the rest of This Week in Social Media


With something so amorphous and ever evolving like social media, you would be hard-pressed to go back to any week within the last five years and not find some revolutionary development, yet somehow this past one felt extra special. Here are our top five favorite things that happened in social media this past week, and if we missed anything, drop us a line in the comments!

1. Facebook Mulls Over Hashtag Functionality – Always looking for an edge on the competition, Facebook hinted that the introduction of active hashtags could be a reality in the very near future. The conversation grouping and tagging functionality that Twitter catapulted into the mainstream has always been an Achilles heel for Facebook, which is primarily used as more of a one-off posting platform than a real-time conversation tool. It may be too little, too late, but it remains to be seen how much of the social market share Facebook can recapture with this play. We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.

2. Twitter Turns Seven – It feels like only yesterday, the little platform that could came into our lives and changed our perspective on news feeds and real-time social interaction forever. It has now been seven years and Twitter has only gotten better with age, constantly accruing more users and expanding on its simple, yet all-encompassing functionality. Many more please!

3. Study Shows More Twitter Chatter Means Higher Ratings – No industry makes use of the branded hashtag like television, and as it turns out, their efforts haven’t gone to waste. A collaborative study conducted by Nielsen and SocialGuide revealed that a show’s Twitter chatter volume is one of the top three variables influencing television ratings. The more conversation a show can create through branded hashtagging and calls to action, the better it will perform and the more ad revenue it can rake in for networks. But we could have told you that!

4. Pinterest Rolls Out Big Redesign, Complete With Analytics Tool – After years of keeping us on our toes, Pinterest has taken that one giant step that will make life astronomically easier for the hundreds of brands who use it to engage with their communities: Analytics! The platform’s new redesign comes complete with a specialized insights tool, as well as some other new developments that should drive them even further towards the front of the pack as a must-use tool for marketers. The possibilities are endless.

5. “Veronica Mars” Movie Becomes Fastest Kickstarter Project To Reach $2 Million – After being passed on for a big studio budget, “Veronica Mars” creator, Rob Thomas proved that all you need to fund a movie is a dedicated fan base and a little social know-how. A television show that had the plug pulled back in 2007 will now have its story continued as a feature film, all thanks to Kickstarter, where it reached its budget goal of $2 million in its first 12 hours of existence. It is now nearing $4 million with close to 60,000 backers. Pretty cool!




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