Is Your Brand Ready to Meet the Needs of the Fashionable Mom?

There are 84 million moms in the U.S. of which 32 million are online. And motherhood triggers her social activity. Moms are often a household’s “Chief Purchasing Officer”—making or influencing about 85% of all purchases from retail to healthcare, automobiles, finances and more to the tune of about $2.4 trillion. Of those 84 million moms about 32 million are online and 76.2% are on social networks. Facebook alone has claimed 66% of that number.

And just because we’ve become mothers doesn’t mean we don’t want to still look good. We want to take care of ourselves, not just for our families, but also for ourselves. Fashion, health and beauty are all interwoven and important for self-confidence. After all, we are the Chief Caretakers. Add in the net result of the recent tough economic times leaving a surgence of dads becoming Mr. Moms, mom is often the sole breadwinner so looking professional is important. Not to mention we are role models for our daughters.

All you have to do google “moms and fashion” and you can see how interested she is in fashion with a plethora of fashion blogging sites and mom-generated fashion magazines. And look at the fashion brands on Facebook. Dior has over 5.6 million fans. Brands like Burberry, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton lead the pack of fashion brands along side Zara and the Gap with H&M having over 11 million fans. Granted not all of those fans are moms, but there is no denying that moms, fashion and social are all coming together. Studies show she is more likely to buy from a brand she’s “liked on Facebook”. She is truly always on–armed with her smartphone which she never leaves home without–and most of the time logs on to Facebook via her smartphone.

Fashion and retail are going through an evolution. Moms are “showrooming” a coined term for visiting the physical retail establishment and then buying online. Add to this the fact moms using mobile and social to research, get products reviews and ask opinions of potential purchases and you have a very interesting dynamic putting extreme pressure on retailers and brands. And sophisticated technology is already being tested on current sites allowing consumers to try on clothes from the comfort of their home or to purchase directly from a brand’s Facebook page–a feature moms will love because moms have less time and the internet helps her fulfill her need for “retail therapy” and for her convenience is the new luxury.

Moms just want it all – fashion delivered on her terms:

• apps that help with ease and convenience of shopping
• mobile-enabled sites for viewing on tablets and smartphones
• superior customer service through email, 800# and every social channel
• stylish clothing that is easy to care for
• value– not necessarily the cheapest, but value based on the clothing and the service
• free shipping and returns is going to be an expectation of moms
• timely and relevant communication from the brand that treats her as a valued customer

Is your brand ready for the fashionable mom?



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