Potentially, Your Brand’s Future Google+ Account

Have you +1’d yet? It’s a lot like the “like” button, right? I am going to take an educated guess and say “no”.  While many don’t see how Google+ is all that different from Facebook and Twitter, I think it­ has some advantages. We’re all dying to see what will come out for brands to use, but what will make it different for businesses? I have a couple ideas:

  • SEO – If you haven’t already created a personal profile on Google+ yet, do it. Then Google yourself. Within a week you’ll see your Google+ profile climb the ranks. Why is this a major “plus” for brands?  The more +1’s a brand accumulates, the higher up the SEO ranking it will become – beautiful! If a Google+ profile leads the way, it turns into a gateway for all social media and marketing messaging.
  • Influencers – Sparks and Circles will more than likely become a tool for the business version to identify and follow influencers.  Sparks will probably be able to pinpoint trending topics amongst people in your circles, while the circles themselves will most likely recognize who is influential to each individual.  If this is the case, this is great news for engagement
  • Analytics – Google+ asked brands last week to wait until their enterprise version rolls out. With deep analytics and the integration of such products like AdWords, businesses will probably get a much more robust offering of analytics in one place.

Google itself has been focusing on businesses quite a bit with each branded product ranging from real-time shared docs, analytics and ads. It will certainly be interesting to see how “+” will add to the business friendly environment Google has built. What are your predictions?

Until next time,

Meg Vandervort



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