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New App Tracks the Journey of your Messages Through the Twitterverse


Have you ever thought about your Tweet’s journey through the Twitterverse, through the hands of your followers and complete strangers across the web? Have you ever been curious where and how far your tweets move through cyberspace? “Where Does My Tweet Go?” is a new Twitter analytics tool that traces the viral spread of a Tweet from person to person to person, and could change the way we analyze and track the impact of Twitter messaging.

“Where Does My Tweet Go?” was designed by Benoît Vidal and the team at MGF Labs in France. This unique online application uses a SpreadRank algorithm to track the flow of individual messaging activity and calculate a SpreadRank number. In addition, SpreadRank creates a graph to visually represent the movement of the message, with various rings acting as degrees of Retweeters. For example, the first white ring represents your immediate followers while the surrounding rings showcase Retweets from Twitter users beyond your community. The higher the SpreadRank number (more rings and lines connecting these rings), the greater reach that message has. Some features are limited because the tool is still in beta, however, its usage of real-time data visualization has a lot of value for any brand concerned with the true virility of their online messaging.


An article published by Wired compares the SpreadRank values of two of the most influential Twitter users, Justin Bieber and President Obama. Although Bieber has more Twitter followers (38 million) than Obama (30 million), the “Where Does My Tweet Go?” application shows that Bieber’s Tweets have a lower SpreadRank value, meaning his Tweets do not spread very far beyond his first circle of followers. On the other hand, Obama’s Tweets reach significantly further beyond his immediate following, ultimately reaching a significantly larger audience.

“Where Does My Tweet Go?” has the potential to shed significantly more light on the flow of information in social media. The way we understand the journey of our comments through the Twitterverse may never be the same.




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