Securing Peace of Mind in an Insecure Social Space

Remember when there was no internet? No digital life meant no need for digital surveillance, monitoring or security. The birth of the internet started with the research of packet switching and as the technology advanced so did adoption. In the early 1970’s the first computer virus was reported – known as the Creeper Virus, it was an experimental self-replicating program.

In the 90’s the Internet boomed and antivirus as well as internet security became a necessity. I remember my early college days – I was always the first to run down to our local electronics department store to buy the latest edition of Norton Internet Security.

It took twenty years, but Internet surveillance and security became a threat to consumer households and the enterprise.

Watch out – soon it’s going to be social security that matters, and I am not referring to your social security number!

To some extent it is already happening. With the growth of the social media industry has come increased danger for fraudulent and dubious acts against a company’s brand in owned social channels. For example – did you know:

  • Anyone with a client’s Twitter username and password can delete the handle.
  • Client Facebook admins can delete the Facebook page as well as add or delete another admin’s access to the client Facebook page.
  • Companies often don’t deal with the rise in content accidents, abuse, or nefarious behavior happening on their accounts to their audiences.

On top of all these social security hazards it is easy to confuse a brand’s Twitter or Facebook with your own personal account. This makes it likely to post erroneous tweets and posts in the mix of the potential hazards happening in comment streams on the accounts.

Social Media Management vendors are taking a stab at the aforementioned, but they are abandoning these product features in their marketing efforts. Perhaps it’s because brands and marketers have not even realized the risks, or maybe it’s the entrepreneurs who are not focusing their product roadmaps on the problem.

The problem is real – just this month Read Write Web in conjunction with Veracode published an Infographic on social media security. Below is a snapshot of the infographic.

Infographic Snapshot – Social Media Risk

Be sure to check out the full infographic on Read Write Web.

Just this week a startup launched called Social iQ Networks and they are tackling social media security head on. The company was founded by Devin Redmond and Ray Kruck – web entrepreneurs with extensive experience in web, email, mobile and data security.

The platform provides a cloud-based service that allows organizations to discover, optimize, and protect its presence and accounts on the social web. Social listening, analytical and publishing tools already exist, but this is the next layer needed by enterprises to enable the safe progression of social as a communication channel.

Of all the hundreds of social media products I have evaluated – none provide such a solution and I am excited to watch their platform meet a growing demand for social security.

The Social iQ Networks Enterprise Suite and its 3 modules, SocialDiscover, SocialSight, and SocialPatrol are designed to help enterprises deal with challenges from social account sprawl and benchmarking to account access protection with content security, compliance, and acceptable use. Below I have outlined the three modules:


SocialPatrol provides protection for enterprise social accounts and security, compliance and acceptable use for the content on them. Brands can monitor and protect access to social accounts while adding content policies for security, compliance and acceptable use.

Social Patrol – Use initial scans to identify key account risk, drill in to accounts and

add policies to protect account access and content issues.


SocialDiscover handles enterprise social account sprawl. Users can quickly search and find what applications, accounts, and properties the organization has. Audit and organize that presence for tracking, measurement, and management.


SocialSight gives the organization visibility into its categorized social accounts. It can be used to measure footprint and activity for the brands accounts, benchmark with competitors, view trends, identify key content, identify key risks, and understand application usage.

From a technology and business solutions perspective social media security has a bright future and I will be watching this space unfold with diligent investigation. Stay tuned for more posts on the topic.

Michoel – @Twabbi



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