The Dog House

It started as my response to most forwarded emails start – hit delete or invest five minutes of my time on a retail-sponsored video on YouTube.  Since I’m still nursing my coffee and not fully awake, I figured what the heck…

Twenty seconds in, I’m hooked.

Seeing a woman traipse her offending husband (who just bestowed to her, a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary gift) across a field to a lone doghouse and force him to get in, makes me wish this would turn into full-length feature film.

While in the doghouse, the insulting husbands/boyfriends are forced to wash and fold laundry and consume meals consisting of quiche and chai lattes.  They meet with the female-dominated review board periodically to review their past offenses and determine if they can be released – most of whom are denied.

Neither a fan of jewels nor overt advertising, I was pleased that the hero, a 2 CT Diamond Pendant, waits more than four minutes before making its five-second debut. 

Once my laughter subsides and the final credits roll, it hits me that this is for JCPenney.  Surely this isn’t the same JCPenney that my Aunt buys her colorful holiday sweaters at?   But it is and I’m intrigued to learn more. 

The ending directs me to the website “Beware of the Dog House”, where I can view a wall full of men and read their offenses.  I have the option of uploading someone from Facebook and find myself scrolling through my memories faster than a diner booth jukebox, but I pause – as cool as a virtual doghouse may be, I think I’ll stick with my good ol’ voodoo doll…

But — kudos to JC Penny for pulling this off, great use of relevant content and a very creative campaign!



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  2. 12/9 2008

    While, on the one hand, I cackled at the video and definitely recognized myself there (Among other gifts, I got my wife and exercise ball for Christmas), on the other I’m disturbed by what appears to be a perennial trend, that of making men out to look like idiots.

    Does the advertising industry suffer from post-ERA stress syndrome or something? Or is it that men are just easy targets? Either way, it’s getting a bit tiresome. In spite of our innate inability to understand how women think, we’re not as insidiously stupid as most ads make us appear.


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