UI Round Up

As a graphic designer, I cannot even count the hours I have saved by using design templates and pre-made GUI files I have found on the internet (seriously, just not enough fingers and toes). When mocking up Facebook and Twitter pages for clients, it is incredibly helpful to have the constant elements of the interface right at my fingertips rather than gathering and recreating them time and time again. I just wanted to thank those that have contributed to these great resources, and also share them with others “for the betterment of the [design] community” and  for aspiring designers everywhere (can’t remember where I got that quote from, but I like it).

In addition to the wonderful templates I have gathered below, I have also created a template, and I am going to share it with you all now. This Photoshop file has all the makin’s for a YouTube channel. You can quickly toss in a background for a client to see or even create production ready files. I included the YouTube color swatches as well so enjoy, and if you find this helpful, feel free to share!

YouTube PSD Template

iPhone/iPad icon PSD template
iPhone 4 icon PSD file

iPhone GUI PSD Template
iPhone PSD Vector Kit

iPad GUI PSD Template

Browser Form Elements PSD

Palm Pre GUI PSD

Twitter Background Template

Facebook Fanpage Template



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  2. Tiana
    07/23 2010

    Since publication, SmashingMag has released a new Facebook GUI PS,D designed by SurgeWorks. Check it out!



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