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100 Twitter Feeds for Healthy-Conscious Moms

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In the quest to be a good Mom, Moms are using Twitter feeds to find tips and news on everything under the sun. Here’s a list of 100 awesome Twitter feeds for healthy-minded moms.

Pediatrics and Pregnancy

Learn about healthy eating while you’re pregnant, get tweets from respected pediatricians, and learn about infant health here.

  1. @TheMommyStation: This feed shares links about pregnancy, adoption, breast feeding and more.
  2. @APregnancyStory: Sharon Rowe is an RN who is also runs the website
  3. @Pediatricians: The National Association of Pediatricians tweets here.
  4. @WeeklyPregnancy: Find pregnancy tools, diet info., and newborn safety tips here.
  5. @saludpediatrics: This Chicago pediatrics practice tweets about healthy living for kids and families.
  6. @MarchforBabies: Learn what March for Babies is doing to ensure a healthy future for newborns.
  7. @LamazeOnline: @LamazeOnline shares tips for healthy weight gain during pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy, and more.
  8. @ebabymagazine: Pregnant and new moms learn about early childhood development and infant health.
  9. @DrMommyCalls: Dr. Tanya R. Altmann is an LA-based mom, author and pediatrician.
  10. @First5CA: This is California’s campaign to get kids healthy and ready for school by the time they’re five. Learn about healthy living tips, healthy food ideas for kids and more.
  11. @DrKimMD: Dr. Kim Newell is a San Francisco-based pediatrician who tweets about kids’ health.
  12. @thebump: The Bump pregnancy social network and information hot spot tweets here.

Family Health and Doctors

These family health feeds come from hospitals, doctors and real moms.

  1. @TeenageCancer: If your teen has cancer, tune in to this feed for research findings and more.
  2. @autismanthem: Lorraine Spencer’s son has autism, and she uses her Twitter feed to share information and support.
  3. @childrenshealth: The Children’s National Medical Center tweets here.
  4. @K1Dz: Dr. Jim tweets to help caregivers of young children raise healthy kids.
  5. @MFCHatWMC: The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center tweets about whooping cough, bike helmets, hospital news and pool safety.
  6. @speaknowforkids: This child’s health reform feed is full of news and information from Congress, the American Academy of Pediatrics and more.
  7. @ChildrensMercy: Kansas City’s premier pediatrics hospital tweets about child safety, accident prevention and public health.
  8. @DrMariaSimbra: Dr. Maria Simbra is a TV medical reporter in Pittsburgh who is also a new mom.
  9. @sanjayguptaCNN: CNN medical reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta keeps families up to date on the health news that’s affecting you.
  10. @FamilyDoctorMag: Leigh Ann Otte is the editor of Family Doctor Magazine.


Moms who run have Twitter feeds that are full of inspiration, support and fitness tips.

  1. @BrennanAnnie: Ann Brennan is a runner, freelancer and mom who tweets about it all.
  2. @run2ny: Follow @run2ny to learn what it’s like to train for a marathon while raising kids.
  3. @Coach_Jenn: Jenn is a running coach and mom who tweets frequently about shopping, running shoes and more.

Health Care and News

Get public health news, find health care providers and more from these feeds.

  1. @mydochub: Find doctors and health information through this Twitter feed’s doctor search engine.
  2. @CR_health: Consumer Reports Health tweets about fitness tests, parenting news, health surveys, drug reviews and more.
  3. @JohnsHopkinsSPH: Read tweets from JHU Public Health to learn about childhood pneumonia, vision impairment, antibiotics and more.
  4. @organizedwisdom: is a physician-reviewed health search tool, and their Twitter feed shares news and information about odd cures and news.
  5. @WSJHealthBlog: Get quick, frequent updates from the health news world.


Get never-ending ideas for healthy meals and snacks here.

  1. @WholeRecipes: Whole Foods shares one healthy recipe after another, like grilled caprese salad and watermelon salad.
  2. @recipeupdates: tweets recipes from its many categories, including easy and quick recipes and healthy recipes.
  3. @Healthy2Eat: Follow @Healthy2Eat to get reviews of healthy eating cookbooks.
  4. @healthy_recipes: This New Zealand feed shares healthy, green eating tips and resources.
  5. @fertilefoods: Learn about the kinds of foods you should eat before, during and after pregnancy.
  6. @recipeaday: Follow this feed to get a quick and healthy recipe idea a day.
  7. @NutritiousFeast: Learn about farmer’s market shopping, basic nutrition and more.
  8. @thepoorchef1: Learn how to make satisfying, nutritious meals for less than $7.
  9. @TheChefsWife: This working mother is looking to network with healthy-minded moms who love to cook.
  10. @Chefjen: Jen is a mom and cookbook author who tweets about all the fun things she cooks and does.
  11. @elanaspantry: If your family needs to eat gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan, find recipes on this feed.
  12. @whatscooking: @whatscooking is maintained by an eco-mom who teaches kids how to cook healthy meals.
  13. @Chefgigi: Learn about nutrition and kids’ cooking projects here.
  14. @KidsCuliChefs: This kids’ cooking school tweets about healthy cooking alternatives and fun cooking facts that appeal to kids.

Stress and Balance

These Twitterers will help you manage stress and find a balance between your work, family, R&R time and mission to live healthier.

  1. @Parenting_Famil: Turn to this feed when you feel stressed or overwhelmed from a day with the kids.
  2. @HealthyMinute: The tips shared on this feed can help you quickly release stress and channel a healthier lifestyle.
  3. @JulieBaird: Help your kids get better grades with less stress when you follow @JulieBaird.
  4. @Potentialz: This Australian psychologist tweets about childhood behavioral issues, mental health treatment options and more.
  5. @twittermoms: @twittermoms is the Twitter feed for the expanding mom-centric network.
  6. @DraHelenaDuch: This bilingual child psychologist tweets lots of helpful information and tips.
  7. @thedailybalance: Get tips on how to lead a more balanced, stress-free life.
  8. @ChildPsych: Dr. Laura Compian is a child psychologist who works with school-age and adolescent kids.
  9. @MomBalance: This working, single mom has a son with ADHD and Aspergers.
  10. @ZenMommy: Follow @ZenMommy for positive parenting support.

Organic and Green Living

Eco-moms tweet about healthy and safe products, diets and lifestyle choices here.

  1. @TastyMom: Follow this feed for information from the organic baby food company.
  2. @deliciousliving: Get ideas for better, greener living from this feed that shares recipes and more.
  3. @lunchboxbunch: Learn about whole foods and wellness here.
  4. @LighterFootstep: Get cheap ideas for living green.
  5. @JollyGreenGirl: This natural mom and “eco-fashionista” tweets about green brands and more.
  6. @thegreenparent: Jenn Savedge tweets about natural remedies, green eating, diaper alternatives and more.
  7. @teensturningre: Teens Turning Green tweets about all the inspiring green projects they take on.
  8. @Green_Parents: Get green living tips and giveaways for eco-conscious families here.
  9. @barleyandbirch: Follow this brand, which creates eco-friendly clothing for kids and babies, on Twitter.
  10. @care2: Learn about all things green and healthy on Care2’s Twitter feed.
  11. @shopOrganic: Learn about organic shopping deals here.
  12. @VEGdaily: Vegetarian families will like this feed that shares health, cooking and lifestyle news.
  13. @mattyhick: @mattyhick tweets about greening your home from Brooklyn.
  14. @Treehugger: Learn about the products and lifestyle tips that are safe for your family and the environment.
  15. @madonnacramer: This feed combines healthy and eco living with mom survival tips, deals and more.

Fitness and Diet

Keep your family active and healthy here.

  1. @workoutmommy: This mom loves yoga, running and fitness.
  2. @TropicanaOJ: The official Tropicana orange juice feed shares links and tips for healthy living, boosting energy and more.
  3. @FITNESSkristen: Kristen Diederich is the editor of Fitness Magazine.
  4. @dailyfitnesstip: This women’s fitness feed posts fun links about making your workout more interesting and effective.
  5. @LifeFitness: Find everyday tips for managing fitness and exercise plans for your family.
  6. @dietnews: Get diet news and information here.


Follow these feeds to get important health news alerts.

  1. @bbchealth: Get world health news from the BBC here.
  2. @CDCemergency: Get all kinds of health and safety alerts from the CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response organization in Atlanta.
  3. @PublicHealth: Learn about the newest public health alerts, risks and news here.
  4. @CDCFlu: Learn about outbreaks, vaccines and other flu information here.
  5. @DailyMeHealth: Get a roundup of the top health news stories, diet columns and more.
  6. @FamHealthGuide: Find breaking health news relevant to families.


Keep your kids safe from recalled products and accidents by following these feeds.

  1. @AlivePast5: Learn about recalls and general baby and child safety here.
  2. @safekidsusa: Follow this government feed to stay abreast of car seat regulations, product recalls and more.
  3. @SafeKidsTV: Learn how to prevent accidents here.
  4. @FDArecalls: The FDA tweets recalls, health risks and other public heath information here.
  5. @MyPreciousKid: Get safety information and reviews for baby and kid products.
  6. @wiredmom: Learn how to keep your kids safe when they’re online.
  7. @FoodSafety: Here you’ll find food recalls and general food safety info.
  8. @MomRN: This mom nurse is also a child safety expert.
  9. @foodsafeguru: @foodsafeguru is another food safety feed.


From Oprah to women’s health to medical social networking, here are even more Twitter feeds for healthy-minded moms.

  1. @womenshealth: tweets about healthy living, exercise, women’s check-ups and more.
  2. @HighChair: Aimee is a food blogger, former chef and mother of two who tweets about healthy-minded–but yummy–living.
  3. @eatrightdenise: Denise is a registered dietician, wife and mother who shares stories from family BBQs and more.
  4. @iVillageBuzz: This mom’s and women’s site tweets about raising kids, shopping, finding the balance and more.
  5. @TodaysMoms: These authors and NBC Today Show producers tweet about general healthy, responsible, spiritual living for moms.
  6. @momswithcancer: Moms who have cancer can find support and tips for balancing their illness and family.
  7. @Oprah: Let Oprah help you become a healthier minded mom.
  8. @SELFmagazine: Get healthy eating, fitness and emotional well-being tips here.
  9. @medicalmommas: Follow the tweets from the women’s medical social networking site here.
  10. @HIFS: This twitter feed and organization is “standing up for healthy individual and families.”


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    Don’t forget @TodaysParent – from Today’s Parent Magazine. A source of parenting information for parents of children from birth to age 14.


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